‘You’re Naked’: Fitness Model Deniz Saypinar In ‘Daisy Dukes’ Banned From American Airlines Flight

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – When Deniz Saypinar was confronted by an American Airlines gross cause past Thursday astatine Dallas Airport, she thought the cause was joking. “They said, ‘Hey, you can’t spell to the plane, due to the fact that you’re naked,'” she recalled.

Saypinar, a bodybuilder from Turkey who was headed to Miami for Swim Week wearing abbreviated shorts and a harvest top, said the cause told her that her outfit would beryllium violative to families. Saypinar documented the acquisition to her cardinal Instagram followers.

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“I was shaking, due to the fact that I thought, ‘It’s not existent what’s happening. I felt truthful panicked.’”

Deniz Saypinar

Deniz Saypinar (courtesy: Photo via Instagram @dnzsypnr)

She said she enactment connected a t-shirt but was inactive denied boarding connected that formation and another. After waiting overnight astatine the airport, she said was yet allowed to committee connected a 3rd flight. She calls it favoritism against women – precisely the crushed she moved from Turkey. “That’s wherefore I moved to the United States. I person to beryllium capable to beryllium myself and beryllium escaped arsenic a woman,’ she said.

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American Airlines said, “On July 8, American Airlines denied boarding for a lawsuit travelling from Dallas-Fort Worth to Miami. As stated successful the conditions of carriage, each customers indispensable formal appropriately and violative covering isn’t permitted onboard our flights.”

Those conditions lone accidental customers must, “Dress appropriately; bare feet oregon violative covering aren’t allowed.”

Passengers said they were unaware determination adjacent was a formal codification – and said if it’s going to beryllium enforced, it should beryllium much visible. “I deliberation if they’re going to person a formal codification and not fto let radical to board, past they request to marque it obvious. They should archer you upfront,” said Emma Christensen.

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As for Saypinar, she said she extended her travel – and volition apt take a antithetic hose to instrumentality her home.

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