‘We Wanted To Highlight What Really Happens’: Karen Gravano & Karina Seabrook On MTV’s ‘Families Of The Mafia’

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(CBS Local)– Season 2 of “Families of the Mafia” premieres contiguous connected MTV aft “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” and this year’s docuseries promises to beryllium adjacent much aggravated than past year’s acknowledgment to the summation of 2 caller families. The Gravanos, the O’Tooles and the Laroccas are backmost and the Nayfelds and the Cutolos articulation the mix.

The gripping bid dives into the lives of 5 notorius mafia-tied families arsenic they proceed to woody with the ramifications of being tied to organized crime. CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith spoke to Karen Gravano, the girl Sammy “The Bull” Gravano who worked for the Gambino Family, and her girl Karina Seabrook astir the caller play of the bid and what’s it’s similar to beryllium connected to the mob successful 2021.

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“I deliberation for maine what is truly fascinating astir this bid is household is the existent travel of everything, said Gravano. “Even though we grew up successful a definite benignant of lifestyle, there’s truthful galore relatable stories to each time life. Everybody truly came beforehand and halfway and told their stories. Being capable to bash this with the different 4 families and my household was truly special. My begetter played a bigger portion and told a batch of his stories. My girl has her ain absorption and her ain communicative extracurricular of our household history, which was truly peculiar for maine to see.”

“I consciousness similar what was astir important was to person this platform,” said Seabrook. “I consciousness similar coming from the inheritance and household past sanction that I do, a batch of radical presume and person things to say, but what’s important is I’m gathering my ain path. I’ve learned from their mistakes and I emotion my household for who they are. I’m going successful a wholly antithetic path.”

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While viewers volition get the accidental to recognize however the deaths and imprisonments of household members has impacted generations of these families, they’ll besides get to perceive first-hand accounts of what beingness was similar successful the mob. Gravano appreciates the information that her begetter was consenting to talk his information aft going to situation for his actions.

“There are truthful galore misconceptions astir his beingness and for him to beryllium down and archer it the mode helium tells it, helium brings you wrong that satellite and let’s you spot the good, atrocious and ugly,” said Gravano. “Prior to maine getting connected TV and telling this story, determination is truthful overmuch attraction that goes connected the mob and it is truly glamorized and glorified, yet determination is simply a acheronian side. Families spell done struggles erstwhile they suffer a loved one. To perceive it coming from my begetter and perceive the astir the choices helium made, wherefore helium went into the mob and what his beliefs were helped maine enactment everything into position successful my head. I’m arrogant of him for telling his story. We wanted to item the world of what truly happens.”

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“I tin convey my household for keeping maine sheltered and shielded from that manner increasing up,” said Seabrook. “I besides got the cognition that I needed to know. It was existent and it was my life. I grew up visiting a batch of men down bars. My ma grew up with the glitz and glamour of that manner and I grew up with the repercussions of it.”

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