'Waitress' will return to Broadway with Sara Bareilles as lead

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(CNN)Sara Bareilles will return to Broadway arsenic the pb Jenna Hunterson successful the philharmonic "Waitress."

The accumulation returns connected Sept. 2 astatine the Ethel Barrymore Theatre amid a larger post-pandemic reopening.

Producers Barry and Fran Weissler announced the quality Wednesday, saying that the play volition tally until Jan. 9, 2022. Bareilles volition prima from opening nighttime done October 17.

    "I couldn't miss the accidental to beryllium determination erstwhile Broadway welcomes audiences backmost into theaters that person been sitting acheronian for implicit a year," Bareilles said successful a statement.

      She continued: "It is simply a acquisition to get to revisit the beauteous communicative of Waitress, centered astir hope, resilience, and the enactment of our chosen family. It's truthful peculiar to beryllium capable to observe those aforesaid qualities astatine this infinitesimal successful clip wrong our theatre family. Like truthful galore radical each implicit the world, this assemblage has endured large nonaccomplishment and tremendous hardship, and we are each changed. But with this alteration comes almighty information to bring what we person learned and experienced this past twelvemonth to marque thing adjacent much beauteous and much intentional. Broadway is grit and grace, magic and mayhem, and I can't hold to consciousness the energy that pulses done each of america arsenic the curtains emergence erstwhile again."

      The philharmonic is based connected the 2007 question representation written by Adrienne Shelly. Bareilles earned a Tony information for her enactment composing the score.

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