Thinking He’s Helping His Friend, Man Who Cleans Houses Accidentally Makes Couple’s Condo Pristine

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CHERRY HILL, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A alleged “cleaning fairy” who thought helium was moving connected a friend’s location unknowingly near a mates wondering who near their location spotless.

Louis Angelino III works a 9 to 5 job, but cleans friends’ houses for other wealth connected the side. Once a messy kid, helium says cleaning is similar therapy now. “It’s conscionable similar precise satisfying, and it truly helps maine with similar my intelligence wellness and everything else, due to the fact that if you’re successful a cleanable environment, your caput is clean,” Angelino tells WCBS-TV.

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Angelino, aka “Stayscrewy” connected TikTok, posts immoderate of his transformations and explains, “We spell from frat location … to bachelor pad.” He showed up astatine the code of what helium thought was his person Mark’s condo successful Cherry Hill successful South Jersey. He was told the cardinal was nether the mat — and definite capable erstwhile helium arrived, determination was a key.

Angelino said helium entered the condo, turned connected euphony and got to enactment for 2 hours. He adjacent fell successful emotion with the 2 cats, Mary and Baby. “I’m a feline person. I’m similar petting her, and I get a telephone from Mark and Mark’s like, ‘Hey, did you travel today?'” Angelino says. “‘I’m successful your surviving country waiting for you to locomotion in. I’m playing with your cat.’ He goes, ‘Man, I don’t person a cat!’ What?!?”

Meanwhile, Beth Motzel’s husband, Tom, called her erstwhile helium got location from work. “He said, ‘You won’t judge it. Someone broke successful our location and cleaned the full thing, helium said Swiffer and all,'” Beth recalls.

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“Come travel to find retired I cleaned the incorrect flat and broke successful and cleaned somebody’s random apartment. You’re welcome? Ha!” Angelino says.

“Tom and I laughed everlastingly astir it. He fixed it each up. I mean, details, helium cleaned up aft the cats, played with the cats, fed the cats, and wiped everything spotless. He truly is simply a cleaning fairy,” Beth adds.

Angelino says helium has been getting requests connected TikTok for the cleaning fairy, a play connected the bony fairy. He hopes the incidental conscionable whitethorn beryllium the kickstart helium needs to turn his cleaning business.

A person started a GoFundMe to kickstart his brand. Please click present for much information.

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WCBS-TV’s Meg Baker contributed to this report

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