‘They Are In Need Of International Help’: Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Speaks Out About Protests In Cuba

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and President Joe Biden are joining different salient elected officials and Cuban exiles successful speaking retired astir the protests successful Cuba.

They responded Monday to the unprecedented images of thousands of radical successful the streets of Havana and different Cuban cities calling for an extremity to the dictatorship and demanding much nutrient and vaccines arsenic coronavirus cases person soared. There is besides a dire shortage of basal necessities successful Cuba. Hundreds of Cuban exiles and others demonstrated successful Miami connected Sunday arsenic good successful enactment of those successful Cuba.

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On Monday, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench that Sunday’s demonstrations successful Cuba were “a spontaneous uprising that has ne'er happened successful the past 60 years. It happened successful much than a twelve cities crossed Cuba.”

Outside the Versailles restaurant, Suarez said, “The United States and the planetary assemblage indispensable bash thing now. The radical of Cuba request medicine. They are starving. They are successful request of planetary help. Unless the Cuban subject turns connected the government, the radical of Cuba volition proceed to beryllium oppressed without immoderate anticipation of state successful the future.”

President Joe Biden said the United States “stands firmly” down the radical of Cuba aft the “remarkable protestation successful Cuba, with the Cuban radical demanding their state from an authoritarian regime. I don’t deliberation we person seen thing similar this protestation successful a long, agelong time, if ever.”

Biden said, “The United States stands firmly with Cuba arsenic they asseverate their cosmopolitan rights and we telephone connected the government, the authorities of Cuba to refrain from unit and the effort to soundlessness the dependable of the radical of Cuba.”

In Cuba, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel accused Cubans of stirring up occupation done societal media starring to demonstrations and helium blamed U.S. sanctions for the problems successful his country.

Diaz-Canel said, “To the shortage of nutrient and medicine and to the problems of shops selling successful overseas currency. All those issues that are contiguous successful our society, specified arsenic dissatisfaction, what are their origins? What caused them? The U.S. blockade.”

Lt. Governor Jeanette Nunez said the politician is monitoring the events successful Cuba.

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“We stay steadfast successful our enactment of state and democracy,” she said. “As the politician said yesterday, the authorities supports the radical taking to the streets against the tyrannical authorities that has plagued them for truthful galore decades.”

Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said, “We basal agreed down the Cuban radical connected the land and each crossed our ain assemblage astatine this historical infinitesimal successful the conflict for freedom, dignity and basal quality rights.”

Outside the Versailles restaurant, demonstrator Mary Faraldo said, “I americium asking for each quality channels to travel unneurotic with 1 qualified connection and that is unfastened the satellites, unfastened the outer feeds to Cuba truthful radical tin beryllium heard. This tin beryllium done by the State Department wrong hours. Open the satellites and fto the Cuban radical beryllium heard.”

Cuban exile Eloy Guanche said, “No Castro, nary communism. Communism has got to spell retired the door.”

Another Cuban exile Alain Gomez said, “People are warring successful the streets for freedom. The radical of Cuba person galore problems. They request for and freedom.”

On Monday afternoon, hundreds of radical who drove by the Versailles edifice honked their horns successful enactment of a smaller radical of demonstrators extracurricular the business.

More demonstrations are expected.

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The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance called for a monolithic rally starting astatine 5 p.m. Tuesday astatine Tamiami Park.

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