'The Crown' star Emma Corrin shares updated pronouns

3 months ago 22
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(CNN)"The Crown" prima Emma Corrin is opening up astir sex identity.

The actor, who earned a Golden Globe for playing Princess Diana successful the Netflix hit, took to Instagram to item the "journey" of being queer and binding their chest.

"Some clip earlier I bought my archetypal binder...very intimate, precise new, precise cool," Corrin posted alongside an intimate picture.

    "Lots of twists and turns and alteration and that's ok! Embrace it," Corrin added.

      Binders are compression garments often worn by trans and nonbinary radical to assistance easiness feelings of assemblage dysphoria.

      Corrin's Instagram bio was besides updated to see pronouns "she/they."

      Jennifer Garner showed her emotion for the station with 3 bosom emojis. Netflix's authoritative Instagram relationship besides commented with hearts.

      Emma Corrin successful  "The Crown."

        One instrumentality wrote, "I can't judge you're the aforesaid quality from The Crown. That's truthful impressive!! I emotion however you played it and I emotion your existent property and individuality arsenic good (what I cognize of it of course). Best of luck connected your journey."

        Last April, Corrin posted pictures successful a wedding gown, penning "ur fave queer bride."

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