SOS Cuba Demonstrators Blocked Palmetto Expressway Traffic For Hours

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Parts of the Palmetto Expressway were unopen down Tuesday owed to demonstrators rallying for state successful Cuba.

Dozens of demonstrators began their rally astatine Coral Way and SW 82 Avenue and past marched their mode onto 826, blocking postulation successful some directions.

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“Viva Cuba! Cuba libre!” demonstrators chanted.

The amusement of enactment for those successful Cuba spilled retired onto the Palmetto.

Police blocked the entranceway ramps to northbound and southbound postulation connected the Palmetto Expressway.

CBS4 anchor Eliott Rodriguez got stuck successful the postulation trying to get to enactment connected Tuesday.

See His Video Here:

“We are warring for freedom. It is precise difficult. American radical request to articulation with the Cuban,” said 1 protester.

Even successful traffic, Cuban flags were everywhere, inactive supporting the movement.

During the day, crowds of demonstrators made their mode onto the expressway. Blocking postulation for hours successful some directions betwixt Coral Way and Bird Road.

At 1 point, 1 protester was injured and had to beryllium taken distant successful an ambulance. No connection connected what precisely happened.

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FHP began moving successful astatine astir 9:15 p.m. to disperse the crowd. According to a CBS4 photographer, it took astir 25 minutes and everyone near peacefully.

But conscionable arsenic constabulary started moving radical retired of that location, different protestation popped up connected the Palmetto and NW 103 Street.

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People walked onto the roadworthy and started blocking postulation determination successful the southbound lanes.

That objection cleared up astatine astir 11 p.m.

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CBS4 has not heard of immoderate arrest.

A connection from Colonel Gene Spaulding, Director of the Florida Highway Patrol.

— FLHSMV (@FLHSMV) July 14, 2021

This amusement of enactment follows uncommon thoroughfare protests successful Cuba implicit the play implicit a deficiency of nutrient and medicine amid a sedate economical situation aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic and US sanctions.

Cuban constabulary brought those unsanctioned protests nether control connected Monday.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, a Cuban American, tweeted that helium has ne'er “felt specified earthy emotion from the radical of Miami hopeless for involution by the authorities and by themselves connected behalf of Cuba.” He added that “this is the infinitesimal of freedom” for Cuba.

I person ne'er felt specified earthy emotion from the radical of Miami hopeless for involution by the authorities and by themselves connected behalf of Cuba. This is the infinitesimal for state successful Cuba. IT CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER!

— Mayor Francis Suarez (@MiamiMayor) July 12, 2021

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There were further demonstrations successful South Florida, including 1 astatine Versailles on SW 8th Street and 36th Avenue and different astatine Tamiami Park disconnected Coral Way and 107th Avenue. Team

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