Simone Biles is headed out on her 'GOAT' tour this fall

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(CNN)Simone Biles has 1 program successful spot pursuing this summer's Tokyo Olympics.

The superstar, who has won much satellite gymnastic title medals than immoderate antheral oregon woman, volition caput to 35 cities crossed the United States for a bid of exhibitions called the "Gold Over America Tour."

Biles announced the circuit -- autarkic from USA Gymnastics -- earlier this summertime to observe pistillate athletes.

    "I emotion the athletics of gymnastics and wanted to assistance make a amusement that celebrates the axenic joyousness of performing," Biles said.

      The tour, which kicks disconnected successful September, volition diagnostic Biles alongside different elite gymnasts, including Laurie Hernandez and Jordan Chiles.

      Biles withdrew from the women's squad gymnastics last and 3 idiosyncratic finals successful Tokyo, citing intelligence heath concerns and a lawsuit of "the twisties," which interaction a gymnast's consciousness of abstraction midair.

      But connected Tuesday she returned to vie connected the beam and walked distant with a bronze medal, her 2nd medal astatine the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and her seventh Olympic medal overall.

      Biles appeared connected NBC's "Today" with her teammates pursuing the win.

      'It means much than each of the golds due to the fact that I person pushed done truthful overmuch successful the past 5 years and the past week portion I've adjacent been here. It was precise affectional and I'm conscionable arrogant of myself,' she said of her accomplishment Tuesday.

      "I didn't truly attraction astir the outcome," she added. "I was conscionable blessed that I made the regular and that I got to vie 1 much time."

      At a property league aft the beam competition, Biles was asked astir her aboriginal Olympic plans and whether the Paris 2024 games are successful her future.

        "I conscionable request to process this full happening first," Biles said of the Tokyo games, adding she was gladsome she has been capable to radiance a airy connected intelligence health.

        "I deliberation it should beryllium talked astir a batch more, particularly with athletes, due to the fact that I cognize immoderate of america are going done the aforesaid things and we're ever told to propulsion done it," Biles said. "But we're each a small spot older present and we tin benignant of talk for ourselves. At the extremity of the day, we're not conscionable entertainment, we're humans and determination are things going connected down the scenes that we're besides trying to juggle with arsenic good connected apical of sports."

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