'Shark Week' has a lot to chew on and more

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(CNN)Three things I americium astir acrophobic of: sharks, sharks successful h2o and the thought of h2o containing sharks.

Like, seriously, freaked out. I hint it backmost to seeing a trailer for "Jaws" erstwhile I was a small girl.

    My parent assured maine determination were nary large achromatic sharks connected the East Coast wherever we lived. Yet years later, I retrieve speechmaking astir one being spotted successful New Jersey waters, not acold from my hometown of Baltimore.

      Mom, I cognize you are speechmaking this and, portion I cognize you would ne'er knowingly prevarication to me, I wonderment ...

      Anyway, that's wherefore I americium shaking a small spot penning this week's Pop Life Chronicles, but let's gooooooo.

      Three things to watch

      'Shark Week'

      A large  achromatic  shark is shown successful  a country   from Discovery's "Shark Week."

      For those who DO emotion sharks, "Shark Week" connected Discovery is similar aggregate Super Bowls.

      Seriously, the web has thing for conscionable astir everyone.

      Don't judge me?

      This year's rundown includes Tiffany Haddish hosting an episode. We larn from Haddish that "her phantasy was to uncover the secrets of shark sex, sailing connected the fanciest yachts surrounded by affable oversea creatures and pampered by a handsome merman." There is besides the "Jackass Shark Week Special," starring Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and the crew, and a Bill Shatner-hosted "Expedition Unknown: Shark Trek."

      Yes, THAT William Shatner. There are tons of different celebs who look arsenic portion of the week, including Brad Paisley, Snoop Dogg and "Sharknado" stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid (naturally).

      "Shark Week" runs Sunday done July 18 connected Discovery and Discovery+.

      'Gossip Girl'

      (From left) Evan Mock, Thomas Doherty, Emily Alyn Lind, Eli Brown, Jordan Alexander, Savannah Lee Smith and Zion Moreno prima  successful  "Gossip Girl."

      Is determination thing amended than being a affluent teen increasing up successful New York City?

      Sadly, I person nary constituent of reference. But the caller "Gossip Girl" tin astatine slightest assistance america pretend, maybe?

      The reboot of the teen play that ran connected The CW from 2007 to 2012 is updated to see the improvement of societal media, but determination is inactive plentifulness of mystery, similar with the original.

      "Gossip Girl" is streaming connected HBO Max, which shares CNN's genitor company.

      'Black Widow'

      Scarlett Johansson stars successful  "Black Widow."

      Come through, Natasha Romanoff!!

      The Marvel canon is expanding with this film, starring Scarlett Johansson arsenic Romanoff, aka Black Widow, a subordinate of the Avengers who hasn't shown america immoderate superpowers but has plentifulness of warring skills.

      Trained arsenic a Russian spy and assassin, Romanoff arsenic played by ScarJo offers plentifulness of action, with the added payment of Florence Pugh arsenic her Red Room sister (and chap killer) Yelena Belova.

      "Black Widow" hits theaters and Disney+ connected Friday.

      Two things to perceive to

      Jimmy Jam (left) and Terry Lewis (right) be  the National Museum of African American Music's "Celebration of Legends" payment  performance  successful  Nashville, Tennessee, June 17.

      What clip is it?

      Superproducers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are bringing a ton of endowment for their caller album, "Jam & Lewis Volume One."

      The erstwhile members of the radical The Time, who went from being Prince protégés to helping trade the vocation of Janet Jackson, person immoderate existent dense hitters connected their debut album, including Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxton and Usher.

      You work that right: After much than 40 years successful the euphony industry, this is the duo's archetypal album.

      "It's brainsick to deliberation we're astir to merchandise our debut medium aft each these years," Lewis told Variety. "This is going to beryllium a precise peculiar infinitesimal and we are grateful to person this squad down us."

      "Jam & Lewis Volume One" is retired Friday.

      Eric Roberts (left) and Elisabeth Röhm (right) are featured connected  a caller   podcast.

      True transgression junkie that I am, I couldn't person been much excited for "Killer's Vault."

      Narrated by histrion Eric Roberts and hosted by "Law & Order" alum Elisabeth Röhm (that conscionable feels right, doesn't it?), the caller podcast features "more than 10,000 never-before-seen intimate idiosyncratic letters, hundreds of hours of backstage and highly vivid telephone recordings, profound artwork and diary excerpts, and unpublished books from America's astir notorious serial killers, including John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson, David Berkowitz, Richard Ramirez and more."

      That sounds similar a treasure trove of panic close there.

      "Killer's Vault" is presently streaming connected Spotify and Apple.

      One happening to speech about

       Homecoming" lawsuit   astatine  Villa Magna Hotel successful  Madrid successful  2017.

      This week's 1 happening feels connected to what I wrote weeks ago astir Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reuniting.

      That's due to the fact that caller paparazzi photos of "Spider-Man" costars Zendaya and Tom Holland reminded maine of Lopez's 2002 euphony video "Jenny From the Block," which costarred Affleck.

      In it, we spot photographers getting shots of what appeared to beryllium Lopez and Affleck, past a mates looking tense, with Lopez wiping distant tears. But further watching of the video reveals it's really an eyelash successful Lopez's eye.

      The full taxable of the video is the penetration of privateness and however not each country is what it whitethorn look to beryllium astatine archetypal glance.

      Enter "steamy" photos of Zendaya and Holland published by Page Six, which look to amusement them getting blistery and dense wrong a car. People person been theorizing for years that they are a couple -- despite Holland denying it -- but we truly person nary thought what's going connected with the pair.

      Until they corroborate they are much than conscionable friends, our Spidey senses tin tingle each they privation -- and that goes for each celebs trying to person a backstage beingness successful a precise nationalist industry.

      Something to sip on

      Nick Cannon attends the 3rd  yearly  MBJAM19, presented by Michael B. Jordan and Lupus LA, successful  Hollywood, California, connected  July 27, 2019.

      We arsenic a nine look to walk lots of clip successful women's wombs, truthful let's springiness Nick Cannon immoderate adjacent time.

      The TV host/occasional rapper has precocious become a begetter a fewer times over, sparking buzz.

      But digging into past interviews with Cannon, determination is grounds that we shouldn't beryllium amazed by his, ah ... fruitfulness.

      "I travel from a tribal mentality," he told VladTV successful 2018. "You should person arsenic galore kids arsenic you tin instrumentality attraction of and truly supply for them and beryllium the champion supplier you tin perchance be."

      At the time, helium discussed his narration with exemplary Brittany Bell, with whom helium present shares 2 children. He said he's precise up beforehand with the women he's progressive with and volition ne'er person to woody with "baby mama drama" due to the fact that he's a "straight shooter."

      Cannon said connected his Power 106 Los Angeles vigor amusement this week that the children helium welcomed successful the past twelvemonth were planned.

        "Trust me, there's a batch of radical that I could've gotten large that I didn't," helium said Wednesday. "The ones that got large are the ones that were expected to get pregnant."

        Stop snickering astatine that and admit that Cannon besides said helium "loves to instrumentality attraction of women." That's astir apt precise reassuring to the women helium shares children with.

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