Scarlett Johansson explains how 'Black Widow' became empowered by the #MeToo movement

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(CNN)Scarlett Johansson says her highly anticipated movie "Black Widow" began to truly instrumentality signifier successful 2017, amid the #MeToo movement.

Johansson said successful a caller interview with Yahoo that she and the screenwriters felt inspired to gully comparisons betwixt the Marvel character's communicative and that of women who had experienced maltreatment by men of powerfulness successful existent life.

"We had to remark connected what is this unthinkable question of women supporting different women, and coming done these shared experiences of trauma connected the different broadside by truly coming guardant and supporting 1 another," she said. "At the precise opening of truly earnestly talking astir what this could beryllium about, it was close during the opening of the #MeToo question and felt like, you cannot miss the accidental to gully the examination betwixt these 2 things."

    Scarlett Johansson arsenic  Natasha Romanoff.

    The movie follows Johansson's character, Natasha Romanoff connected a quest to decision Dreykov who is kidnapping women and forcing them to go assassins called "Widows."

      "She's been the unfortunate of puerility trauma and exploitation and it's a past that she doesn't privation to look that she's moving distant from," Johansson said. "And past her sister, who's this precise self-possessed benignant of firecracker liability successful immoderate ways, but idiosyncratic who is fiercely independent, fundamentally forcing her to travel to presumption with that, forcing her to look it."

        Adding, "It felt precise overmuch similar what is happening now. It was astonishing to person the level to beryllium capable to remark connected that."

        "Black Widow" is successful theaters and connected Disney+ Premimum Friday.

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