Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021: How to watch the Aug. 11 event

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Samsung is promising large things to travel astatine its yearly August merchandise reveal. If you're a instrumentality of foldable smartphones, you should decidedly program to tune in; here's however to bash it.


Image: Samsung

Samsung's yearly Galaxy Unpacked lawsuit is conscionable astir the corner, with its authoritative day scheduled for Aug. 11 astatine 10 a.m. Eastern time. Samsung fans, and those funny successful the improvement of smartphones, should decidedly tune successful if the rumors are true.

From the trailer video that Samsung released, the taxable of the lawsuit appears to beryllium "is 'good' bully enough?" The video and its narration constituent to Samsung readying a monolithic alteration successful its plan priorities that, successful each likelihood, points to folding phones arsenic the future, astatine slightest for Samsung.

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Additional Samsung lawsuit rumors highlighted by ZDNet don't explicitly validate claims that folding devices volition instrumentality halfway stage, but they bash lend a batch of legitimacy to the possibility. In 1 example, Twitter idiosyncratic @evleaks (who was close successful his purported leak that the lawsuit would beryllium Aug. 11) besides shared an animated image reported to beryllium the 1 of the new folding devices Samsung would denote astatine the event. 

Evleaks besides shared images of further devices, putting the fig of imaginable caller devices astatine five: A caller Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Z Fold, Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Buds 2, and perchance an S21 mentation of the Galaxy Fan Edition (FE) fund device. 

As usual, these rumors are hearsay until the lawsuit really happens. Look astir astatine the event's leafage connected Samsung's website and you get adjacent much implicit validation that folding phones are the aboriginal for Samsung, astatine slightest for this event. 

Based connected a July 27 blog post written by Samsung Mobile president T.M. Roh, the Galaxy Note enactment won't beryllium getting a caller instrumentality astatine the Aug. 11 event, and it's imaginable its cardinal feature, the built-in S Pen stylus, whitethorn beryllium coming to caller Samsung devices. Roh did accidental that an S Pen for Samsung's folding devices volition beryllium premiered astatine the event, which ZDNet's Jason Cipriani said could mean the Note enactment is ending arsenic Samsung shifts focus. 

How to ticker the Aug. 11 Galaxy Unpacked event

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked is happening this twelvemonth connected Aug. 11 astatine 10 a.m. Eastern/ 7 a.m. Pacific time. There are 2 ways to tune in: By visiting Samsung's lawsuit website, wherever you tin besides pre-register and download an ICS record to adhd the lawsuit to your calendar, and connected Samsung's YouTube page

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As is often the lawsuit with YouTube events, a leafage volition beryllium created respective days earlier the lawsuit to service arsenic a countdown space. This leafage isn't up for Galaxy Unpacked 2021 yet, truthful beryllium definite to cheque often and update your bookmark oregon prevention the watercourse leafage arsenic a YouTube favourite to beryllium definite you don't miss it.  

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