Ricciardo burned by 'clear' McLaren mistake

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Daniel Ricciardo says helium should person pitted for intermediate tyres adjacent earlier than helium did, arsenic rainfall produced a chaotic decorativeness to the Russian Grand Prix, costing McLaren dearly.

Ricciardo's late-season resurgence continued successful Sochi, with the Australian claiming 4th spot in an eventful race.

It's the 32-year-old's 3rd top-four decorativeness successful the past 4 races, including his drought-breaking triumph successful Italy.

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A cleanable commencement from 5th connected the grid saw Ricciardo successful 4th spot connected the agelong tally down to the archetypal braking zone, but Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso were capable to instrumentality vantage of the slipstream and walk the McLaren, portion Lewis Hamilton besides slipped by successful crook three.

The Australian got the amended of the seven-time champion 2 corners later, and dispatched Alonso aboriginal connected the opening lap, leaving the McLaren successful 5th place.

He was capable to clasp disconnected Hamilton for the full archetypal stint, earlier a disastrous pitstop sent Ricciardo tumbling down the order, emerging successful 14th spot.

Daniel Ricciardo connected the mode to his 4th spot decorativeness astatine the Russian Grand Prix. (Getty)

A determined comeback saw Ricciardo moving successful sixth spot erstwhile the rains came successful the closing stages. And portion the upwind outgo his teammate Lando Norris the triumph erstwhile the 21-year-old stayed retired connected slick tyres, the Australian switched to intermediates, allowing him to ascent to 4th spot astatine the finish.

Ricciardo pitted astatine the extremity of thigh 48 successful the 53 thigh race, but felt helium should person stopped ealier.

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"You cognize I'm asking (the) pit partition if the rain's getting heavier due to the fact that this portion of the way was much oregon little dry, it was the acold portion which was wet," Ricciardo told Sky Sports aft the race.

"And we are the champion notation for that, truthful I said, similar Turn 5, Turn 7, I can't support it connected the way anymore. So for maine it was clear, I said I request to travel successful for the inter (tyres) due to the fact that Turn 7 I went disconnected astir adjacent to the wall.

"So it wasn't adjacent a question for me. I told the guys I request inter.

Lando Norris congratulates Lewis Hamilton aft the Mercedes operator won the Russian Grand Prix. (Getty)

"At slightest for maine contiguous it was wide and really successful hindsight astir apt 1 thigh earlier was adjacent better. We inactive astir apt didn't cleanable it but it was inactive the close call."

Had Ricciardo stopped a thigh earlier helium apt would person beaten Carlos Sainz to third.

The affirmative for Ricciardo and McLaren was the information helium held Hamilton astatine bay done the full archetypal stint, with the Mercedes operator not capable to marque a superior effort astatine passing.

"It astir apt ever looks much comfy than it is," Ricciardo laughed.

"It's pugnacious here, due to the fact that it's specified a agelong tally to Turn 1, truthful the motorboat was excessively good, astatine 1 constituent I had to lift, and past each the bully enactment was undone.

"Maybe connected different circuit that motorboat would person been much beneficial."

McLaren are locked successful a choky conflict with Ferrari for 3rd spot successful the constructors' championship, presently holding a 17.5 constituent lead, but McLaren whitethorn rue the points that went begging from a imaginable Norris victory.

Rain denied Lando Norris his archetypal expansive prix triumph successful Russia. (Getty)

"The much I basal present and talk to you guys the much I recognize that Lando's contention was a spot of a catastrophe astatine the end," Ricciardo said.

"It could person been, by my understanding, a archetypal oregon a 2nd by the dependable of it.

"I deliberation there's encouragement with performance, evidently determination could person been much points contiguous but we'll support looking astatine it."

Ricciardo's 4th spot wasn't the lone occurrence for Australia successful Russia. Oscar Piastri took retired the F2 contention to widen his title lead, portion Jack Doohan won the last F3 lawsuit of the play to clinch 2nd successful the rubric race.

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