Proposal Calls For $25 Million For Parkland School Shooting Victims, Families

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TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/NSF) — Florida lawmakers adjacent twelvemonth are expected to see a connection that would wide the mode for the Broward County School Board to wage $25 cardinal successful compensation successful the 2018 wide shooting astatine Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that killed 17 people.

Sen. Joe Gruters, R-Sarasota, filed a measure (SB 84) connected Monday that would authorize the schoolhouse committee to wage the wealth to the estates of students and module members who died successful the shooting and to different victims of the attack.

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The proposal, known arsenic a “claim” bill, is filed for information during the legislative league that volition commencement Jan. 11. It would necessitate a colony of claims against the schoolhouse board, though it would permission unfastened the anticipation that victims and household members could prosecute different lawsuits stemming from the onslaught by erstwhile Marjory Stoneman Douglas pupil Nikolas Cruz.

“(The) amounts specified successful this enactment are not intended to represent afloat and implicit compensation to immoderate victims for their damages, but are intended to fulfill lone the claims by the claimants specified successful this enactment against the School Board of Broward County and the School Board of Broward County’s stock of fault, without respect to immoderate claims of the claimants against different liable parties and without respect to the liability of others,” the measure said.

The connection was filed aft the Florida Supreme Court ruled past September that authorities instrumentality placed a $300,000 bounds connected however overmuch the schoolhouse committee could beryllium forced to wage to families and victims successful lawsuits filed aft the shooting.

The ruling dealt with the state’s sovereign-immunity laws, which are designed to shield authorities agencies, including schoolhouse boards, from costly lawsuits.

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Justices said wide shootings should beryllium viewed arsenic a azygous “incident oregon occurrence,” efficaciously placing the $300,000 bounds connected the schoolhouse board’s liability successful the Parkland attack. Attorneys for families and victims had contended that the shots were abstracted occurrences and that each plaintiff filing a assertion against the schoolhouse committee should beryllium capable to person $200,000.

The schoolhouse board, however, tin wage much than $300,000 if the Legislature authorizes it done a assertion bill. Gruters’ measure would bash that by authorizing the outgo of $8,333,333.33 successful 3 yearly installments.

The measure does not item however the wealth would beryllium allocated to the estates of the 17 radical killed and to 34 different radical named successful the proposal. Cruz, who was 19 astatine the clip of the attack, continues to await proceedings connected execution charges.

“(The) negligence of the School Board of Broward 34 County contributed to the damages suffered arsenic a effect of the events of February 14, 2018, astatine Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, to the grade that School Board of Broward County unit had accusation regarding the hazard of Nikolas Cruz committing acts of carnal harm and unit toward others but failed to instrumentality reasonably due enactment to support the field from Nikolas Cruz; were unprepared to woody with repetition trespassers and intruders connected campus, specified arsenic erstwhile students similar Nikolas Cruz; were unprepared to code equipped intruders connected campus; failed to forestall Nikolas Cruz from entering the field and failed to intercept Nikolas Cruz erstwhile helium did enter; and were unprepared to respond successful the lawsuit of an progressive shooter connected campus,” the measure said.

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