‘Patria Y Vida’ Becomes Anthem For Those Clamoring For A Free Cuba

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – You person seen the signs and heard the cries of “Patria y Vida,” meaning “Homeland and Life” and it has go the siren opus for protesters connected the land arsenic good arsenic present successful South Florida.

It is an existent opus released earlier this twelvemonth by respective Cuban artists.

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The rubric of the opus is simply a rotation connected the refrain “Patria o Muerte,” often uttered by Fidel Castro and sympathizers of the communist regime, but galore Cubans accidental they privation to reclaim “La Patria” and they privation to unrecorded to spot a escaped Cuban.

“You cognize who started what’s happening successful Cuba? Artists, poets, songwriters, writers, actors, musicians,” said Senator Marco Rubio, successful a caller code connected the Senate floor.

“They are the ones who started it. The San Isidro Movement. But past (the Cuban government) came aft them. And there’s a opus that came retired earlier this year, that by the way, if you play successful Cuba, you volition spell to jail. The song’s sanction is Patria y Vida.”

Cuban vocalist Yotuel, on with different artists including the radical Gente de Zona, are featured connected the song.

They person been successful Miami to lend their voices to a rally here.

“If you look astatine the words, the spot of the words is successful each the words, each the phrases,” Yotuel said.

“Not conscionable changing the decease for life, but changing the oregon for the and.”

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The euphony video has much than 6 cardinal views connected Yotuel’s Youtube leafage and counting.

“The occurrence of “Patria y Vida”, is not successful the views oregon connected Spotify, it’s successful the 20-year-old guys successful Cuba going retired successful the streets and saying ‘Patria y Vida’,” helium added.

In the song, the chorus makes notation to a crippled of dominoes, a crippled that ends erstwhile nary subordinate has different domino they tin play.

The crippled is “trancado” oregon locked up.

The opus says they person been locked up for 60 years, but “ya se acabo”–  it’s over.

At Domino Park successful Little Havana, there’s anticipation the opus rings true.

“For maine it’s like, we privation our state and we privation to beryllium alive,” said Cuban-born Angel Guevara. “We privation a escaped antiauthoritarian Cuba. We privation to unrecorded successful a ideology similar here.”

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The opus besides says the satellite would beryllium alert of what’s going on, and it’s harmless to say, that is precisely what we are seeing happening now.

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