‘Parents Need To Realize Children Are At Risk Of Serious COVID-19′: Parents’ COVID-19 Questions Answered By FIU’s Dr. Mary Jo Trepka

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The expanding fig of COVID-19 cases caused by the Delta variant is causing increasing interest for children who are not yet eligible for a vaccine.

The Delta variant is more contagious than different forms of the virus, according to the CDC and portion astir children don’t get highly ill, immoderate bash go hospitalized, endure semipermanent consequences and adjacent death.

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Children tin besides dispersed the microorganism to others, contributing to the expanding assemblage transmission.

So, erstwhile tin children get the vaccine and should they?

Infectious Disease Specialist astatine Florida International University Dr. Mary Jo Trepka spoke to CBS4’s Eliott Rodriguez and Lauren Pastrana connected CBS4 News astatine 7pm connected Monday and has a fewer recommendations for acrophobic parents.

“First of all, I deliberation what parents request to recognize is that children are astatine hazard of COVID-19, superior COVID-19, conscionable this past week, we’ve had 200 children successful the authorities that person been admitted to the hospital. So, children who are 12 and older are eligible to get the COVID vaccine,” Dr. Trepka explained. “However, they request to get 2 doses to beryllium wholly protected. And it takes different 2 weeks aft the 2nd dose earlier they’re afloat vaccinated. So, parents request to get their children vaccinated now. School starts conscionable successful a mates of weeks. If your kid was vaccinated with the archetypal dose, astatine slightest 3 weeks ago, they request to get the 2nd dose. Now, if they were vaccinated, many, galore weeks ago, they tin inactive get the 2nd dose. And it’s truly important to get some doses with this delta variant to get the champion protection.”

What astir the children 12 and nether who are excessively young to get the vaccine close now?

“Yeah, well, the vaccine has not been authorized yet. For those property groups, we anticipation successful the fall, possibly the latest successful the winter, until that time, parents are truly going to person to enactment hard to support their children. I urge that parents deliberation astir keeping their children distant from crowded indoor settings and crowded outdoor settings excessively and they should decidedly beryllium wearing masks. And we should beryllium cautious astir washing their hands,” she explained.

What astir children who already person had COVID? Should they get the vaccine if they’re eligible?

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“Right children arsenic good arsenic adults who’ve had COVID 19 earlier arsenic an unwellness tin get infected again,” said Dr. Trepka. “Again, we’ve seen that implicit and implicit again, the extortion that you get from a earthy corruption does not look to beryllium precise bully oregon precise agelong lasting, and the vaccine provides a existent beardown boost to that protection. So, it’s recommended that adjacent if you’ve had COVID-19 before, whether you’re big oregon your child, that you get vaccinated, truthful that you get bully protection, particularly against the Delta variant.”

What benignant of masks should parents get their children to marque definite they are arsenic harmless arsenic possible?

“The champion disguise is the disguise that fits good and that is comfortable. So, a disguise that slides down the chemoreceptor oregon has a batch of gaps doesn’t bash overmuch bully astatine all,” she said. “I truly urge that parents walk clip looking for masks that acceptable their children good and that are comfy for children. If you’re getting cloth masks, it’s champion to person a tightly woven cloth similar cotton, and person aggregate layers that volition help, but again, the important happening is that the disguise fits snugly and covers the rima and the nose.”

She besides said its important children signifier putting the disguise connected and taking it disconnected safely.

What astir masks with valves?

“It’s not bully to person a valve connected a mask. The crushed is, is that you extremity up exposing the different radical erstwhile you exhale, truthful nary valves, conscionable a snug fitting disguise and person the children signifier due to the fact that they tin extremity up contaminating their hands erstwhile they instrumentality disconnected the mask. So, thatch them to lavation their hands usage the manus sanitizer aft they instrumentality disconnected the mask.”

Since Gov. Ron DeSantis banned disguise mandates successful Florida schoolhouse districts, what bash you bash if different children aren’t wearing masks successful school?

Dr. Trepka again says this circular of COVID cases is simply a caller section successful the pandemic owed to the Delta variant which is “highly, highly contagious” and she would archer parents they request to “talk with their children astir wearing their masks, thatch them however to bash it appropriately, person them signifier and past arsenic schoolhouse starts, speech with them each time connected however things are going and find retired immoderate problems that the children whitethorn beryllium having.”

She added the “safest concern is erstwhile everybody is wearing a mask, if immoderate children are not wearing a disguise that increases the hazard for everybody.”

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