Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King explain the secret to their long-term best friendship

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The two, who person been friends for implicit 40 years, accidental their heavy enslaved is owed to a deficiency of jealously implicit each different and a genuine happiness for their respective achievements.

In a video posted to Oprah Daily, the 2 beryllium broadside by side.

    "Gayle and I person been friends since we're 21 and 22. Now we're 66 and 67," Winfrey said.

      King quipped that Winfrey is the older one.

      "Surround yourself with idiosyncratic who is arsenic blessed for your happiness arsenic you are for your happiness," Winfrey said, explaining that King is genuinely blessed for her erstwhile bully things travel her way.

      "You request friends that are blessed successful their ain lives truthful that they tin really beryllium authentically blessed for you," Winfrey added.

        King said the lone clip she ever wanted to bash thing that Winfrey was doing (and it wasn't jealously, she explained) was creation and sing unrecorded connected signifier with Tina Turner.

        In a caption for the video, it says the 2 stock the aforesaid values "and a small spot of humor."

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