Omicron Surge Not Stopping South Florida Restaurants & Bars From Seeing Steady Business

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Coronavirus cases are astatine an all-time high.  Earlier this week, much than 1,000,000 cases were reported successful a azygous day, according to information from John Hopkins University.  In the midst of the Omicron surge, restaurants and bars are seeing dependable business.

It’s a communicative of 2 pandemics.

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“What tin you bash this is our caller norm,” said Felida Tensley

Some are continuing to deterioration masks and support their region from ample crowds.

“People are not taking it seriously, mode excessively galore radical are not taking it seriously,” said FIU infectious illness adept Dr. Aileen Marty.

While others are of the sentiment it’s clip to commencement surviving beingness again.

Felida Tensley is 1 of them.  She’s celebrating her day successful midtown.

“It is benignant of getting a small crowded.  We’re present for blessed hr everyone is present to bask the drinks,” she said.

In Broward County, a quiescent Las Olas Wednesday night.  But successful Wynwood, a antithetic story, wherever restaurants were packed.

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“People are going to spell retired nary substance what.  We lone person 1 beingness to live,” said Jazmine Kade of Opa Locka.

Testing sites are besides packed.  Wednesday CBS4’s Ashley Dyer saw agelong lines of radical waiting successful their cars to beryllium swabbed.

“I support proceeding radical speech astir is let’s fto is dispersed it’s earthy and that’s going to springiness america extortion for the adjacent variant. Just look astatine however easy omicron is infecting people,” said Marty.

People we spoke with, hoping Omicron volition pb to herd immunity.

“I deliberation this is the 1 that gets everybody though,” said Sam Miriki of Kendall.

But Dr. Marty said it’s not that simple.

“Every clip it spreads, each time, is an accidental for the enactment of a worse variant,” she explained.

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To dilatory the dispersed of Omicron, experts proceed to propulsion for masks, societal distancing and of people vaccines.

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