More Videos Filter Out Of Cuba Showing Brutal Repression

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – New videos surfaced Thursday showing brutal repression connected demonstrators by the Cuban regime.

On Sunday, Cubans connected the land took to the streets demanding freedom.

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They marched and demonstrated crossed the island, taking the authorities by surprise.

By Sunday night, constabulary had enactment down demonstrations successful Havana, but they continued successful different parts of the land connected Tuesday.

They chanted and marched, chanting ‘Patria y vida,’ (homeland and life).

That chant echoed passim the island, on with chants of “no tenemos miedo,” (We are not afraid).

When authorities information forces deed the streets, they were met with stones and sticks.

The marchers were demanding an extremity to 62 years of a Castro communist authorities that has suppressed them from having basal quality rights, food, medicine, oregon liberty.

The Cuban authorities chopped net work to the land and near galore cities and towns without electricity, but immoderate radical recovered a mode to inactive flood societal media with video

Cubans connected the land who were capable to filter videos of the repression are asking for help.

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One of those videos shows Cuban constabulary beating a antheral that was protesting, you perceive radical screaming successful Spanish.

“Do not termination him,” arsenic the constabulary locomotion away, the antheral lays motionless connected the sidewalk.

Since the protestation began connected Sunday, constabulary person been going into homes and taking teenagers, forcing them to combat against their ain radical and families.

On 1 video, a household begs authorities to fto the teen go. Fighting back, helium is taken.

In different video, you spot young teenagers enactment successful the beforehand lines, blocking protesters.

Cubans are saying, “don’t beryllium afraid.” You perceive them saying successful Spanish, “libérate yourself.”

A pistillate who conscionable arrived successful Miami from Cuba said, “It’s truly bad, but we are hopeful for immoderate benignant of help, due to the fact that determination is excessively overmuch suffering. No medicine, nary food. Everyone is successful the streets. We request immoderate extortion and radical request to proceed to protest.”

And portion Cuba remains successful the streets, truthful does Miami.

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Protests continued successful South Florida connected Thursday successful enactment for those demanding alteration connected the island.

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