Mars Venus Conjunction: Solar System Meetup Between Earth’s Two Neighbors

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A star strategy meetup volition hap this week for Earth’s 2 neighbors.

Venus and Mars volition look adjacent successful the occidental entity aft sunset with their starting Sunday, July 15, with their closest constituent occurring astir 2 a.m. connected Tuesday, July 13.

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An lawsuit similar this is called a conjunction and with this 1 the 2 planets volition beryllium separated by little than the diameter of a afloat moon.


To assistance usher you to this gathering spot look for the caller crescent moon.

Sunday and Monday it volition beryllium passing conscionable supra the 2 planets – arsenic viewed from Earth of course.

The satellite volition beryllium mounting astir 90 minutes aft the prima connected Sunday truthful to presumption this you volition request to beryllium retired conscionable aft sunset which is astir 8:15.

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It volition beryllium casual to spot Venus arsenic its accustomed superb self. The brightest satellite arsenic seen from Earth it is 190 times brighter than Mars.


There volition beryllium a shorter model of clip to observe the 2 planets earlier they acceptable since you volition request to fto the twilight fade.

Of people successful bid to spot this improvement we request wide skies astatine night, thing that whitethorn beryllium pugnacious present successful South Florida this week.

East upwind and an summation successful moisture volition marque for storms successful our occidental entity each day and evening.

Still beryllium definite to look up successful the occidental entity immoderate clip aft 8:30 p.m. this week.

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You whitethorn conscionable get an casual presumption of our 2 planetary neighbors.

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