Learn Python, JavaScript, Raspberry Pi, SQL and more for only $12 during this Black Friday sale

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No substance what your acquisition oregon accomplishment level, this bundle has courses that could boost your income, including 1 that tin crook a implicit novice into a certified programmer successful 7 days.


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There has ne'er been a amended clip to bid for a vocation successful the lucrative tech industry. The mean yearly wage for entry-level Python programmers is much than $80,000, and successful summation to 8 different invaluable courses successful The 2022 Premium Computer Science Career Path Certification Bundle, determination is 1 that volition assistance you get that certification successful arsenic small arsenic 7 days. Best of all, if you usage coupon codification BFSAVE70, you tin acquisition this bundle for conscionable $12 during our Black Friday merchantability (normally $1,800).

Python is ace casual to learn. The "PCEP: Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer Certification Prep Course" volition assistance you walk the PCEP-30-01 and PCAP-31 exams that volition let you to beryllium certified arsenic a Python programmer aft a week.

Or commencement with Java: It's casual to learn, arsenic well. "Java: A Complete Tutorial from ZERO to JDBC" is an tremendous favourite of students, they rated some the people and the teacher 4.9 retired of 5 stars. Instructor Lawrence Decamora spent 5 years astatine Sun Microsystems arsenic a Java trainer, and students find his hands-on teaching method engaging

Javascript developer is simply a cool job, and you tin larn those skills with hands-on signifier successful "Javascript from Scratch: The Ultimate Beginner's Course." While "Raspberry Pi For Beginners—Complete Course" uses amusive projects to assistance students make skills.

After mastering your prime of coding language, you tin commencement learning lucrative information skills. Once spreadsheets are nary longer capable and you're acceptable to determination connected to SQL, you'll larn what you request successful "From 0 to 1: Heavy Lifting with SQL & Databases."

Since the unreality is specified a immense portion of aboriginal computing, you'll larn the ropes successful "GCP: Complete Google Data Engineer & Cloud Architect Guide." In "Learn By Example: Spark Streaming 2.x," you'll signifier with unrecorded Twitter information to larn each astir watercourse architecture, arsenic good arsenic different kinds of continuous data.

You'll person beingness entree to these courses, truthful you request not unreserved to decorativeness them all. But erstwhile you consciousness ready, "Probability Foundations for Data Science" and "Hypothesis Testing for Data Science" could beryllium precise utile to you.

Don't miss this accidental to make lucrative tech skills, grab The 2022 Premium Computer Science Career Path Certification Bundle portion you tin usage coupon codification BFSAVE70 to get it for lone $12 during our Black Friday sale. Note: This coupon codification is bully done Dec. 5, 2021.

Prices taxable to change.

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