Latrell's partner blasts NRL ahead of grand final

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Latrell Mitchell's spouse has unleashed connected the NRL judiciary with the Souths prima missing this week's expansive last owed to a lengthy suspension.

Mitchell's play was brought to an extremity erstwhile he was handed a six-match prohibition for a grade-two reckless precocious tackle which near Roosters prima Joey Manu with a severely injured look successful Round 24.

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With the 24-year-old denied a 3rd vocation expansive last quality aft 2 with the Roosters successful 2018 and 2019, his partner, Brielle Mercy, pulled nary punches.

"Should person been making his 3rd NRL GF quality this play but 'NRL system' had antithetic plans," she posted connected Instagram.

Mitchell's understudy Blake Taaffe (L) has performed admirably successful the Blues Origin star's lack (Getty)

"Proud of your efforts this twelvemonth and each year. You get knocked down implicit and implicit and lone travel backmost stronger."

Despite Mitchell's on-field absence, Souths skipper Adam Reynolds said the Origin prima inactive had a relation to play successful the lead-up to Sunday's expansive final.

"He's a large portion of our squad, we emotion having him astir and he's a prime player," Reynolds said.

"He'll beryllium helping prep america for the large crippled ahead. It's ne'er casual missing regular-season games fto unsocial a expansive final, and you privation to beryllium a portion of it.

"He's inactive precise overmuch a portion of it and has a large relation to play for us. A fewer of the boys volition beryllium leaning connected him for proposal due to the fact that he's been successful expansive finals earlier and knows what it takes."

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