Juvenile remakes "Back That Thang Up" as a vaccine anthem

3 months ago 21
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(CNN)Juvenile doesn't conscionable privation you to get his latest opus stuck successful your head, helium wants you to get stuck successful the arm.

The New Orleans-based rapper has teamed up with chap artists Mannie Fresh and Mia X to remake his iconic deed "Back That Thang Up" into a caller vaccine anthem titled, "Vax That Thang Up."

Vaccine hesitancy among radical of colour during the Covid-19 pandemic has been an contented and the trio laic retired the reasons to beryllium vaccinated with updated lyrics similar Mannie Fresh quipping, "Gurl you tin beryllium the queen...after quarantine."

    "I conscionable wanted to bash thing affirmative for my radical and to basal successful the beforehand to amusement that I'm consenting to sacrifice my beingness not conscionable for maine but besides for my family," Juvenile said successful a statement. "We don't cognize what we're facing close present but we truly bash each request to beryllium vaccinated truthful we tin proceed to bash our happening and survive."

      The archetypal "Back That Thang Up" was recorded successful 1998 and released successful 1999.

        The run is simply a collaboration betwixt the artists, Atlanta-based originative bureau Majority and BLK, 1 of the largest dating apps made for Black singles.

        Majority was co-founded by legendary hoops player-turned-analyst Shaquille O'Neal earlier this twelvemonth arsenic a mode to bring much diverseness to the advertizing world. O'Neal works for TNT, which shares a genitor institution with CNN.

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