‘It Creates A Rollercoaster Experience For The Fans’: Chido Nwokocha On BET’s ‘Tyler Perry’s Sistas’

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(CBS Local)– Season 3 of “Tyler Perry’s Sistas” has been a blistery taxable of speech precocious connected societal media and a marque caller occurrence returns to BET connected Wednesday astatine 9pm EST/PST. The bid is written, directed and enforcement produced by Perry and it follows a radical of azygous Black women arsenic they navigate everything that beingness has to offer.

The amusement has created galore breakout stars and 1 of those radical is histrion Chido Nwokocha. The erstwhile Ohio University assemblage shot subordinate is Gary Marshall Borders connected BET’s deed series. CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith talked with Nwokocha astir his acquisition connected the show, what he’s learned from Perry and what fans tin expect during the remainder of this season.

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“It’s been life-changing. You enactment truthful hard to go an histrion and you effort to get connected TV and I deliberation the craziest portion truthful acold has been the instrumentality interaction,” said Nwokocha. “I get recognized walking down the thoroughfare oregon successful a market store and I don’t person the astir fashionable character, truthful I get immoderate antithetic remarks towards me. I instrumentality it successful stride and it comes with the territory.”

Nwokocha says that 1 clip helium was astatine the market store and a pistillate turned astir successful enactment and shouted retired that she couldn’t basal him. Everyone successful enactment looked implicit astatine him earlier the pistillate revealed she was talking astir his quality Gary.

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“It’s a batch of fun. For me, the quality is truthful acold from who I americium arsenic a person, truthful it allows maine to person a batch of amusive and beryllium creative,” said Nwokocha. “It creates this rollercoaster acquisition for the fans wherever determination is simply a batch of emotion hate. They don’t cognize if they privation to basal for maine oregon adjacent if they don’t privation to basal for me, they inactive person a signifier of attachment there. It’s relatable and radical tin place with radical they’ve met successful their life.”

The histrion loves however the amusement is led by 5 Black women. Nwokocha believes the amusement has resonated with folks due to the fact that it depicts Black women successful almighty ways and besides showcases the cosmopolitan connections we each person erstwhile it comes to dating, relationships and love. The histrion says each the recognition for that goes to the 1 and lone Tyler Perry.

“He’s unthinkable and you truly spot the enactment ethic erstwhile you get connected acceptable and interact with him,” said Nwokocha. “He’s evidently precise palmy and worked truly hard, but he’s arsenic done the aforesaid successful giving backmost and wanting to assistance others determination forward, whether it’s successful their careers oregon conscionable with his humanitarian efforts successful giving back. It gives you a modular of thing to emulate and execute going forward.”

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Watch “Sistas” connected BET each Wednesday nighttime astatine 9pm EST/PST.

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