‘I Was Blown Away’: James Hinchcliffe On Chase Elliott Joining SRX Series For Final Race Of Season At Nashville

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(CBS Local)- For the last contention of its inaugural season, the Camping World SRX Series has brought successful a ringer good known successful the motorsports world: reigning NASCAR Cup Series champion Chase Elliott. For the 25-year-old Elliott, the bid offers him an accidental to bash thing that he’s lone done erstwhile before, contention against his begetter Bill.

The brace shared the way backmost successful 2013 successful the Alabama Pro 125 Late Model contention astatine South Alabama Speedway. Now, 8 years later, they’ll get to contention again connected a way they’re some acquainted with: Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway.

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“The full happening is similar going to your section spell kart way connected the biggest stage, you’re going to person immoderate fun,” CBS SRX bid pit newsman Matt Yocum said. “And that’s what it is for Chase and Bill to person that opportunity, possibly 1 last time, of getting a chance, 2 champions successful NASCAR, to person that peculiar infinitesimal of racing against each other. And I’m gladsome that SRX was determination to supply the opportunity. What amended spot than 1 of, if not the most, humanities racetracks successful the state arsenic acold arsenic abbreviated tracks go. I can’t hold to beryllium a portion of the broadcast squad for it.”

Like Yocum, expert James Hinchcliffe was thrilled erstwhile the announcement was made that Elliott would beryllium joining the operator lineup for the last contention of the play due to the fact that it adhd conscionable 1 much amusive constituent to the broadcast.

“I was blown away. I thought it was truthful chill that we could get a current, progressive Cup operator astatine each nevermind 1 of the stars of the athletics and the reigning champion,” Hinchcliffe said. “Add connected to the information that it’s lone the 2nd clip him and his dada person gotten to contention each other. There’s truthful galore chill angles to that story. I was thrilled that it happened. And it hopefully opens the doorway for much Cup guys oregon astatine slightest much active, full-season guys to travel bash a contention oregon 2 adjacent season.”

While the father-son conflict volition of people person plentifulness of amusive and lighthearted moments, the 2 are competitors and the enactment connected the way is definite to beryllium a battle. Elliott has arguably the astir caller acquisition of immoderate operator successful the tract astatine NFS having won the All American 400 determination successful 2013. For Hinchcliffe, that acquisition makes him 1 of the drivers to ticker this weekend.

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“The ringers person really been precise competitory each azygous week and it’s been amusive to person that arsenic portion of the series. I deliberation honestly, the feline that mightiness person the astir caller acquisition is Chase Elliott. He won a contention backmost successful 2013 truthful his cognition of the way and his acquisition is possibly a small fresher than dad’s oregon Michael Waltrip’s would be. So it’s going to beryllium interesting,” Hinchcliffe said. “He evidently doesn’t person 5 weeks of racing these cars nether his loop but if you look astatine his docket he’s doing 3 races successful the 3 nights starring up to Saturday and past evidently racing successful the Cup cars connected Sunday truthful spot clip has decidedly not been abbreviated for young Chase truthful it’s going to beryllium amusive to ticker him arsenic well.”

As for the Elliotts themselves, they person antithetic perspectives connected who volition person the precocious manus connected Saturday night.

“I surely don’t, I look astatine it from the standpoint of the much acquisition you got, the amended you are. The much you’re successful a contention car the amended you are and for me, I’ve conscionable tally a small spot of roadworthy racing implicit the past fewer years. Running ovals and what we’re doing today, it’s a full antithetic level,” the elder Elliott said. “Especially, the past clip helium went to Nashville, helium won determination truthful I don’t expect immoderate different.”

“I consciousness similar these guys person the precocious hand. I haven’t raced 1 of these cars before,” Chase said. “I’m conscionable excited to get backmost to Nasvhille. There was truly 2 pieces of the puzzle for maine that made maine privation to bash it. One, to Tony’s (Stewart) point, you don’t person the accidental to contention with your dada each the clip particularly connected a level similar this and bid similar this. And fig two, to enactment the Fairgrounds, that’s been a large taxable of speech particularly successful the NASCAR satellite the past fewer years.”

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The last contention of the Camping World SRX Series play begins astatine 8 p.m. Eastern Time connected CBS Television Network and streaming via Paramount+.

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