‘I’m The Glue For My Guys’: Agent Nicole Lynn On Representing Jalen Hurts, Quinnen Williams & Book ‘Agent You’

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July 14, 2021 astatine 12:21 pm

(CBS Local Sports)– The satellite of jock practice has agelong been dominated by men, but Nicole Lynn is starting to alteration that. Lynn is the President of Football Operations for Klutch Sports, the bureau founded by LeBron James’ cause and person Rich Paul, and she represents large clip NFL players specified arsenic Philadelphia Eagles backmost Jalen Hurts, a erstwhile apical 5 prime successful New York Jets antiaircraft lineman Quinnen Williams and Atlanta Falcons information Erik Harris.

CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith precocious caught up with Lynn to sermon her caller publication “Agent You,” however she carved retired a way arsenic an cause and the TV amusement that is being created based disconnected of her beingness from enforcement shaper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

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“It’s comic due to the fact that I started penning the publication earlier I ever had a publication deal. I would conscionable instrumentality down notes arsenic I did thing and it benignant of dilatory came together,” said Lynn. “I volition accidental that penning a publication is precise hard. My extremity has ever been to mentor and not fell the ball. This publication is simply a blueprint connected however to beryllium your ain inner-agent, however to advocator for yourself and however to get your spot astatine the table. I springiness the earthy information and it is everything you request to specify occurrence connected your ain terms.”

“When I was 18 years aged and got to college, I learned beauteous rapidly that I wanted to enactment with athletes,” said Lynn. “I wanted to enactment athletes and galore of them had akin upbringings that I did. I saw determination was an contented successful sports and I wanted to beryllium the change. I didn’t turn up arsenic a large sports fanatic. It wasn’t maine trying to beryllium adjacent to the game, it was maine trying to marque a change.”

While determination person been galore eye-opening moments during Lynn’s clip arsenic a sports agent, she says the biggest acquisition she’s learned is you can’t support each subordinate from going broke. Lynn has learned determination is lone truthful overmuch she tin bash for her clients astatine the extremity of the day.

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“Thankfully I haven’t been successful that nonstop situation, but I tin spot however it tin happen,” said Lynn. “It was much of a aftermath up telephone that determination is lone truthful overmuch redeeming you tin do. It’s astir relationships and spending time. Our lone existent occupation arsenic an cause is to negociate the contract. Typically, a declaration is astir 4 years. I negociate and past it’s 4 years aboriginal until the adjacent deal. That’s truly each my occupation statement says and I effort to spell supra and beyond and make that time to time idiosyncratic narration wherever I’m telephone 1 and the glue for my guys.”

Lynn helps her clients with everything from their efforts successful the assemblage to readying a babe shower. These types of things get ramped up to the adjacent level erstwhile Lynn reps high-profile athletes similar Hurts and Williams. She believes some guys person precise agleam futures up of them.

“Quinnen Williams was my archetypal first circular draught prime that I ever represented,” said Lynn. “He gave maine a changeable and interviewed with agents who represented 50-100 archetypal rounders. He believed successful maine and truly gave maine my changeable and my archetypal precocious level draught prime and I’m truthful grateful contiguous that helium felt truthful comfy with idiosyncratic who didn’t person the aforesaid level of experience. He’s specified a astute young antheral and did his probe astir agents. On the field, helium is specified a hard idiosyncratic and nary 1 tin truly know. He gives 150% each time and helium is specified a ascendant player.”

“Jalen Hurts is besides a precise hard worker, akin to Quinnen, but they couldn’t beryllium much different,” said Lynn. “Jalen is truthful locked successful in a backmost way. He’s focused connected the goal. He doesn’t fto immoderate of the extracurricular worldly fuss him. He’s been done truthful galore trials and tribulations and helium doesn’t attraction astir immoderate of that. He ever has his oculus connected the prize and I emotion that astir him. His level of absorption is honestly connected a antithetic level. He’s not a feline that wants to instrumentality each the interviews and beryllium connected the reddish carpet. He knows his occupation and shows up each time to bash it. He’s truthful calm. He’s got a swag to him and he’s truthful cool.”

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Lynn’s publication is disposable present wherever books are sold.

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