‘I Am So Proud To Be A Cuban’: Group Comes Together At Tamiami Park In Support Of Cuba

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – People came unneurotic Tuesday astatine Tamiami Park to request state for Cuba.

“I americium truthful arrogant to beryllium a Cuban,” said FIU pupil Olga Rodriguez. “I americium truthful arrogant to beryllium present contiguous arsenic a first- procreation to enactment my state and my household that inactive there. The information that we are present contiguous conscionable brings maine truthful overmuch joy.”

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She said she had to travel retired and bash thing and could not beryllium idle arsenic protesters successful Cuba gathered successful a mode ne'er seen before.

“The information that they are successful the streets risking their lives oregon imprisonment for liberty,” Rodriguez said. “It’s conscionable scary. It’s a precise scary thought. But it conscionable shows that they are tired. We request this warfare of oppression and inhumanity to end.”

People successful Cuba are speaking retired against the communist regime, the mediocre surviving conditions, the terrible deficiency of resources, and expanding COVID numbers.

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The assembly successful the parkland is simply a amusement of solidarity that has been happening since Sunday. Some are calling connected the U.S. authorities to intervene.

“We are here, and we emotion this country, truthful we are hoping that this authorities perceive our voices and assistance them nevertheless mode they can,” said Barbara Valdez.

After much than 60 years of repression, galore accidental they are encouraged and hopeful for change.

“I person hope, since this has ne'er happened earlier successful past of Cuba,” said Omar Fernandez.

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The rally was organized by the Assembly of the Cuban resistance.

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