How Bulldogs made $1m mistake on Roosters reject

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The Bulldogs made a mistake by pouncing connected a Roosters cull - halfback Kyle Flanagan - and signing him for 3 years, rugby league large Laurie Daley says.

Daley said that apical clubs similar the Roosters did not suffer invaluable players, meaning that Flanagan's daze axing aft conscionable 1 play past twelvemonth should person been a reddish flag.

Instead, the Bulldogs pounced connected the dumped No.7 with a three-year woody worthy much than $1 million. Flanagan has struggled to clasp his spot successful the squad this season.

"Looking backmost present — and they astir apt won't admit it — but it's astir apt been a mistake to motion him for 3 years," Daley said connected Sky Sports Radio.

Kyle Flanagan of the Bulldogs. (Getty)

"Like anyone, the Roosters, the Melbourne Storm, if they let a subordinate to locomotion sometimes you've got question wherefore they are releasing them? Why haven't they stuck with that player?

"Do they not complaint him arsenic a player? Is determination thing incorrect with his attitude? Is it off-field behaviour? What is it and what is the crushed wherefore are those prime clubs are letting players go? And past you've got to excavation heavy and good the reason.

"Because if they privation to support someone, and they tick each the boxes, they're not losing them ... unless it comes down a purely fiscal determination for that subordinate and I don't deliberation this was a purely fiscal determination for Kyle."

Daley said that Flanagan's defence, typically a large assurance origin for halfbacks, was an issue.

"All I'm saying is, the Roosters had immoderate concerns with him defensively, whether helium could grip it oregon not," Daley said.

"The Bulldogs signed him, they said helium was going to beryllium fixed the keys to the team, it hasn't worked retired and determination has present been immoderate speech that they're trying to determination him connected — oregon they're going to springiness him each accidental to succeed.

"I anticipation helium does win due to the fact that he's had a batch of unit connected him and it indispensable beryllium pugnacious for a young man, his father's an NRL manager and coming into a strategy wherever the spotlight is connected you. You've been traded away, you've gone to different club, there's precocious expectations and it doesn't crook retired the mode you privation it to crook out.

"So this is simply a bully accidental for him to amusement immoderate perseverance, support moving connected his game, get himself a small spot bigger, making definite helium works connected each aspects of his crippled — defensively helium needs to beryllium stronger. He needs to walk a spot much clip successful the gym to beryllium a spot much carnal successful the mode helium goes astir defending.

"He needs to situation the enactment a small spot much and marque definite his kicking crippled is spot on. He's got the skill, but he's conscionable got to beryllium capable to bring it each crippled helium plays."

Bulldogs manager Trent Barrett caput during his side's triumph implicit the Sharks. (Getty)

It was thought that Flanagan would signifier an awesome young halves operation with incoming Penrith prima Matt Burton adjacent season, yet helium has struggled for traction nether manager Trent Barrett.

He has played 11 games this play and featured successful his side's 34-6 nonaccomplishment to the Titans connected Monday.

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