Have I Made The Most Of The Switch's Portability Based On Nintendo Commercials?

3 months ago 22
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My favourite portion astir the Nintendo Switch OLED reveal wasn't needfully its flashier screen, improved kickstand, or ethernet larboard (side note: I ne'er noticed the original Switch dock lacked an ethernet larboard until that video). It was watching a new, highly produced montage of cheerful actors enjoying their Switch successful assorted locales. These delightfully goofy clips are, of course, meant to amusement disconnected the Switch's portability. Whether it's at your friend's house our wrong the rima of an progressive volcano, you tin – and should – instrumentality Mario and friends everyplace you go. 

I ever chuckle astatine these scenes, often reasoning to myself "who really plays their Switch successful specified a place?" But past I started wondering: aft owning a Switch since 2017, playing undocked astatine slightest fractional the time, and traveling with it rather a spot implicit the years, how galore of these nonstop scenarios person really occurred? Am I genuinely getting the astir retired of the Switch's astir appealing feature? To find out, I combed done respective Switch commercials to get a tally of whether oregon not I've done the things that Nintendo intelligibly expects the average Switch owner to bash connected a regular basis.  

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