Halsey unveils new album cover showing the 'joys and horrors of pregnancy and childbirth'

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(CNN)Halsey has debuted caller video tied to her upcoming album.

A pregnant Halsey is seen successful the 13-minute, soundless video walking done the Metropolitan Museum of Art successful New York earlier stopping to reveal her ain medium screen creation for "If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power," her 4th album.

The caller euphony is produced by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross and owed retired Aug. 27.

    The screen shows Halsey successful a photograph taken by Lucas Garrido, sitting connected a golden throne, wearing a crown, with a kid connected her thigh (not her own). Her bosom is uncovered. The vocalist is expecting her archetypal babe with her boyfriend, screenwriter Alev Aydin.

      Of the cover, Halsey wrote connected Instagram: "This medium is simply a conception medium astir the joys and horrors of gestation and childbirth. It was precise important to maine that the screen creation conveyed the sentiment of my travel implicit the past fewer months. The dichotomy of the Madonna and the Whore. The thought that maine arsenic a intersexual being and my assemblage arsenic a vas and acquisition to my kid are 2 concepts that tin co-exist peacefully and powerfully. My assemblage has belonged to the satellite successful galore antithetic ways the past fewer years, and this representation is my means of reclaiming my autonomy and establishing my pridefulness and spot arsenic a beingness unit for my quality being."

      She continued: "This screen representation celebrates large and postpartum bodies arsenic thing beautiful, to beryllium admired. We person a agelong mode to spell with eradicating the societal stigma astir bodies & breastfeeding. I anticipation this tin beryllium a measurement successful the close direction!"

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