Final verdict on Crows' horrifying pre-season camp

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The Adelaide Crows person been cleared by South Australia's autarkic workplace information regulator implicit a arguable pre-season grooming campy successful 2018.

The Age past twelvemonth revealed shocking allegations successful narration to the camp, which saw players confronted by men carrying what looked to beryllium automatic weapons, earlier being blindfolded and taken connected a autobus to an undisclosed location.

The players were reportedly "petrified" and "unnerved" by the experience. One of the much disturbing allegations was that players felt delicate accusation that had been fixed to the nine was shared with the facilitators of the camp.

Caro takes purpose astatine AFL Integrity Unit

It was besides reported that players were told they needed to beryllium "so choky that if a teammate slept with your woman it would beryllium OK".

"We were successful specified a authorities of confusion, it was similar a trance, determination were times wherever we would come-to 2 days aft and say, 'What did we conscionable do?'," an unnamed subordinate said successful 2020.

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"It's hard to retrieve precisely what we did oregon what was said and we were successful antithetic groups."

Nearly 4 years aft the camp, the nine has been fixed the all-clear.

"SafeWork SA's broad investigation, which took much than a twelvemonth to complete, recovered neither the nine nor immoderate different idiosyncratic oregon organisation breached immoderate enactment wellness and information laws during oregon successful narration to the camp," the Crows said successful a statement.

The Adelaide Crows up of their 2017 expansive last nonaccomplishment to Richmond. (Getty)

"The nine afloat co-operated with the confidential investigation, voluntarily providing each accusation and documentation sought by SafeWork SA. The substance is present closed."

An earlier probe by the AFL Integrity Unit recovered that determination had been a deficiency of owed diligence conducted by the Crows, nevertheless punishment was ne'er handed out, starring seasoned writer Caroline Wilson to question why the Integrity Unit adjacent existed.

Having made the 2017 expansive final, it's been each downhill for the nine since the campy successful the aboriginal months of 2018.

The Crows person finished 12th, 11th, 18th and 15th successful the 4 seasons since.

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