Fetal Viability, Long an Abortion Dividing Line, Faces a Supreme Court Test

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On Wednesday, the justices volition perceive the astir important termination lawsuit successful decades, 1 that could undermine oregon overturn Roe v. Wade.

The lawsuit  that the Supreme Court volition  perceive  concerns a Mississippi instrumentality    that bans astir   abortions aft  15 weeks.
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Adam Liptak

Nov. 28, 2021, 5:37 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON — In 1973, successful Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court drew a line. The Constitution, it said, did not let states to prohibition abortions earlier the fetus could past extracurricular the womb.

On Wednesday, erstwhile the tribunal hears the astir important termination lawsuit successful a generation, a cardinal question volition beryllium whether the court’s blimpish bulk is prepared to erase that line. The lawsuit concerns a Mississippi instrumentality that bans astir abortions aft 15 weeks, agelong earlier fetal viability.

The tribunal could overrule Roe entirely, allowing states to prohibition abortions astatine immoderate point. But astatine slightest immoderate justices whitethorn privation to find a mode to prolong the Mississippi instrumentality without overturning Roe successful truthful galore words, requiring them to discard the viability enactment and regenerate it with different modular that would let a cutoff astatine 15 weeks.

Lawyers for Mississippi, who mostly argued that determination is nary law justification for immoderate enactment astatine all, did propose 2 backup arguments. They said the tribunal could revise different existing standard, 1 prohibiting an “undue burden” connected the close to abortion, to let the 15-week cutoff by focusing connected the information that a important bulk of abortions instrumentality spot by then. Or, the lawyers wrote, the tribunal could simply uphold the Mississippi instrumentality and permission for different time the knotty occupation of drafting a caller line.

Neither statement was serious, lawyers for Mississippi’s lone termination session responded. “The authorities offers nary alternate to the viability enactment that could prolong a unchangeable close to abortion,” they wrote.

Viability is supported by a rule successful a mode that different cutoffs are not, said David S. Cohen, a instrumentality prof astatine Drexel University.

“That is simply a constituent successful clip astatine which interests shift, due to the fact that determination is simply a aesculapian justification for involution successful a mode that would beryllium antithetic earlier viability,” helium said. “If the tribunal were to spell backward successful clip without overruling Roe and accidental 15 weeks is present the caller cutoff, I’m not definite what ground determination would beryllium for that.”

At the aforesaid time, drafting the enactment astatine viability has agelong been the taxable of criticism. “The viability model has ever been thing of an embarrassment, successful ample portion due to the fact that viability hinges connected aesculapian exertion and entree to it,” said Julia D. Mahoney, a instrumentality prof astatine the University of Virginia.

When Roe was decided, viability was astir 28 weeks. These days, depending connected the hospital, fetuses tin past extracurricular the womb aft astir 23 weeks.

“Viability has travel successful for disapproval from immoderate bioethicists, some pro-choice and pro-life, fundamentally connected the mentation that it doesn’t way our motivation intuitions of erstwhile beingness takes connected worth to absorption exclusively connected dependency, particularly if dependency tracks technological improvement oregon adjacent technological availability,” said Mary Ziegler, a instrumentality prof and historiographer astatine Florida State University.

The Supreme Court considered different approaches successful Roe itself.

Justice Harry A. Blackmun, who wrote the bulk opinion, initially chose different spot to gully the line, astatine astir 13 weeks.


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“I person concluded that the extremity of the archetypal trimester is critical,” helium wrote to the different justices successful 1972. “This is arbitrary, but possibly immoderate different selected point, specified arsenic quickening oregon viability, is arsenic arbitrary.” (“Quickening” is erstwhile a pistillate becomes alert of fetal movements, often astir 16 weeks.)

Justice Thurgood Marshall helped transportation his workfellow to take viability, astir the extremity of the 2nd trimester. “Given the difficulties which galore women whitethorn person successful believing that they are large and successful deciding to question an abortion,” Justice Marshall wrote to Justice Blackmun, “I fearfulness that the earlier day whitethorn not successful signifier service the interests of those women, which your sentiment does question to serve.”

The enactment Roe yet drew has been questioned.

Sherry F. Colb, a instrumentality prof astatine Cornell who was a instrumentality clerk to Justice Blackmun, precocious wrote connected a instrumentality blog that viability “would look to person small to urge it arsenic a borderline betwixt prohibiting and permitting abortion.” As a applicable matter, she wrote, viability is simply a relation of the quality to respire extracurricular the womb.

“The quality to respire is indispensable for life,” she wrote, “but it is not the benignant of happening to which we connect motivation status, immoderate much than the quality to spot oregon to locomotion oregon to talk are specified abilities.”

She besides questioned the logic of viability arsenic a modular for allowing a large pistillate to question an abortion.

“She tin instrumentality the fetus retired erstwhile it needs to beryllium successful but erstwhile it tin past an exit, it indispensable enactment in,” Professor Colb wrote. “What benignant of a regularisation is that?”

Professor Mahoney said the approaches of different countries provided different constituent of comparison. Nominal limits of astir 12 weeks are commonplace successful different developed nations, though the societal discourse is usually rather different. There are often fewer obstacles to obtaining abortions abroad, and nationalist security is commonplace.

In the United States, the Supreme Court has repeatedly reaffirmed viability arsenic the enactment required by the Constitution. In 1992, successful Planned Parenthood v. Casey, which established that states could not spot an “undue burden” connected women seeking abortions earlier fetal viability, the tribunal said viability was portion of Roe’s “essential holding.”

“The woman’s close to terminate her gestation earlier viability is the astir cardinal rule of Roe v. Wade,” the controlling sentiment successful Casey said.

“We indispensable warrant the lines we draw,” the sentiment said. “And determination is nary enactment different than viability which is much workable.”

Just past year, successful providing the 5th ballot to onslaught down a restrictive Louisiana termination law, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. underscored the point, quoting from the Casey decision.

The 2 sides successful the Mississippi lawsuit person taken astir absolutist positions. Lawyers for the authorities spent each but the past fewer pages of their main Supreme Court brief connected a frontal onslaught connected Roe and Casey, saying they were “egregiously wrong” and should beryllium overruled, allowing states to prohibition abortions astatine immoderate time.

The brief’s last pages did suggest 2 approaches that would let the Supreme Court to uphold the Mississippi instrumentality but debar overruling Roe.

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First, the state’s little said, “the tribunal could clasp that the state’s interests successful protecting unborn life, women’s wellness and the aesculapian profession’s integrity are, astatine a minimum, compelling astatine 15 weeks’ gestation” and “leave for different time the question of what modular applies successful the lack of a viability rule.”

Second, the little said, the tribunal could alteration Casey’s “undue burden” modular to let outright bans connected abortions earlier viability if they bash not enforce a important obstacle to a important fig of women seeking abortions. Since astir women get abortions successful the archetypal trimester and the sole termination session successful Mississippi performs abortions until 16 weeks, the little said, the instrumentality does not enforce an undue burden.

Lawyers for the session responded that sustaining the state’s instrumentality was intolerable to reconcile with Roe and Casey.

“There are nary fractional measures here,” the clinic’s little said. “Every mentation of the state’s statement amounts to the aforesaid thing: a petition that the tribunal scuttle a half-century of precedent and invitation states to prohibition termination entirely.”

Professor Cohen sounded a enactment of caution, saying that simply upholding the Mississippi instrumentality was not tantamount to overruling Roe v. Wade.

“If radical are inactive capable to get 95 percent of the abortions that hap successful this state astatine 15 weeks oregon before, that’s inactive precise significant,” helium said. “That’s not Roe being overturned. Roe being chipped away? Yes. But Roe being overturned means that nary abortions are ineligible successful a state.”

Some members of the Supreme Court’s blimpish bulk whitethorn beryllium tempted to look for a fractional measure, 1 that would undermine Roe and Casey without expressly overruling them.

Casey itself revised Roe successful ways that supporters of termination rights had said would magnitude to overruling Roe. When the Casey lawsuit was argued, Kathryn Kolbert, a lawyer for a radical of termination clinics challenging a Pennsylvania law, told the justices that abandoning the demanding signifier of heightened judicial scrutiny required by Roe and replacing it with “a little protective modular specified arsenic the undue load test” would “be the aforesaid arsenic overruling Roe.”

The tribunal did wantonness specified heightened review, and it did regenerate it with the present acquainted undue load test, nether which the tribunal has sustained restrictions connected abortion. Yet fewer radical would accidental that Casey overruled Roe.

Some ineligible experts wonderment if the tribunal tin marque a akin determination successful the caller case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, No. 19-1392.

“One of the questions galore of america volition beryllium funny successful is whether it’s imaginable to sever viability from Roe and Casey and person thing near — if the tribunal tin propulsion disconnected the instrumentality it did successful Planned Parenthood v. Casey, erstwhile it eliminated what galore viewed astatine the clip arsenic the halfway of Roe v. Wade and yet preserved what it deemed to beryllium the indispensable holding,” Professor Ziegler said.

Professor Mahoney said that astatine slightest immoderate of the justices whitethorn beryllium inclined to try.

“We gully lines each the clip successful law adjudication,” she said. “We person nary choice. And we admit that they are not wholly satisfactory.”

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