Coast Guard Warning Against Boat Trips To Cuba Due To Dangerous Conditions Out On The Water

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Some Cuban Americans successful South Florida are looking for enactment arsenic they basal up for their brothers and sisters connected the island.

They are gathering supplies, hoping to sail their boats loaded with water, food, and medicine to Cuba.

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They’re besides waiting for support to get it ashore.

The U.S. Coast Guard has advised against taking specified a trip.

“The connection is bash not instrumentality to the sea, particularly with the risks that are retired determination close now,” said Key West Coast Guard Deputy Commander Richard Armstrong.

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He said his informing is wide – don’t go.

“As you cognize the Florida Straights tin beryllium highly unforgiving, particularly during hurricane season. Yesterday (Tuesday) we had 4 to six-foot seas retired determination and thunderstorms rolling through. It’s highly unsafe to instrumentality to the seas,” said Armstrong.

The Coast Guard said since Memorial Day astir 20 Cuban migrants mislaid their lives trying to marque the unsafe voyage.

“When folks are taking to the sea, we privation to marque definite they recognize what they’re doing due to the fact that the upwind tin alteration highly rapidly and you tin find yourself successful a precise atrocious concern precise fast,” said Armstrong.

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While the Coast Guard is urging radical not to instrumentality to the seas, it wants radical to recognize the rules, the laws, and particularly the risks if they determine to marque the journey.

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