Coast Guard Advising Against Unpermitted Voyages From Florida To Cuba Amid Unrest

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The U.S. Coast Guard is advising against unpermitted voyages from Florida to Cuba amid the unrest connected the land nation.

In a statement, Rear Admiral Eric Jones said the bureau supports “the Cuban radical exercising their cardinal close of state of look and assembly.”

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However, helium added that “anyone considering a migrant voyage to not instrumentality to the sea.”

“The transit is unsafe and unforgiving arsenic astir 20 lives were tragically mislaid successful caller weeks arsenic a effect of these unsafe voyages.”

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Jones past went connected to code immoderate locals considering boating to oregon adjacent the land nation.

“The Coast Guard on with our local, state, and national partners are monitoring immoderate enactment that whitethorn bespeak increases successful unsafe and amerciable maritime migration successful the Florida straits; including unpermitted vas departures from Florida to Cuba,” Jones said.

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Jones ended the connection informing that the Coast Guard and its national partners patrol the Caribbean, some astatine oversea and successful the air. Team

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