CBS4 Nat Moore Trophy Profile: St. Thomas Aquinas Left Tackle Julian Armella

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – This week’s Nat Moore Trophy nominee is each astir protecting the quarterback.

Julian Armella is simply a large near tackle retired of St. Thomas Aquinas, who is simply a large instrumentality of wrestling and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

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“I came retired of the womb 10 pounds, truthful I was usually ever the biggest baby,” Armella told CBS4’s Mike Cugno.

A estimation since birth. That’s the lone mode to picture some the sheer size, personality, and accomplishment of Armella.

His athleticism and quickness astir look similar thing you mightiness spot successful the WWE, which makes cleanable consciousness since helium is simply a wrestling fan.

“I’ve ever watched wrestling arsenic a kid. WWF was the archetypal similar wrestling amusement that I watched and past I would ever spell to the WrestleMania for WWE, watching The Rock arsenic a kid,” helium explained. “I mean that is my guy. I emotion watching him successful the movies. Same happening arsenic Kevin Hart. Those 2 are truly comic though.”

Armella tin adjacent rise 1 eyebrow, conscionable similar ‘The Rock.’

On the field, Armella says helium perfectly loves getting the accidental to support his backmost upright and protecting his unsighted side. So overmuch so, helium finds different outlets for it.

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“I similar going to LA Fitness and playing basketball. I’ve always, judge it oregon not. I’m not 1 of the centers that likes to sprout nowadays. I consciousness similar there’s nary Shaq’s, there’s nary bullies successful the paint. That’s what I emotion doing.”

He whitethorn look similar idiosyncratic you don’t privation to travel crossed betwixt those achromatic lines, but we learned he’s got a softer broadside which is evident by the tattoo connection connected his arm.

Tattoon connected limb of St. Thomas Aquinas Left Tackle Julian Armella

“So, I got this one, ‘Love your enemies, bash bully to those who hatred you, bless those who curse you, and commune for those maltreatment you’,” said Armella speechmaking the tattoo connected his little forearm.

The connection down it?

“So, this to me, I mean, I’ve ever liked being a precise humble dude. And I’m a precise believer successful God, I convey Him each azygous time and it’s conscionable I don’t similar surviving this beingness with a batch of hatred and having atrocious vigor with people, I judge successful forces and that’s what the vigor you output and the mode you would similar to beryllium treated the aforesaid mode however you’re expected to dainty people.”

If you’d similar to nominate a precocious schoolhouse shot subordinate for the CBS4 Nat Moore Trophy, click here.

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The CBS4 Nat Moore Trophy recognizes the apical precocious schoolhouse shot subordinate successful Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe Counties.

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