Broward Teachers Concerned As COVID Cases, Hospitalizations Increase

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – COVID cases are climbing successful Broward County, and with schoolhouse classrooms reopening to afloat capableness successful astir 2 weeks, immoderate teachers are concerned.

“The numbers are higher than erstwhile we closed the schools past twelvemonth connected March 13th,” says Anna Fusco, an simple teacher and caput of the Broward Teachers Union. “It’s mind-blowing that, erstwhile we privation to enactment successful protocols and procedures, we’ve got definite elected officials that privation to travel successful and override what’s for the bully of each successful our ain peculiar schoolhouse territory and our ain county.”

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Just past week, Broward County Schools voted to person masks required successful school. However, soon after, Governor Ron DeSantis made an enforcement bid to forestall immoderate disguise mandates. Otherwise, helium threatened the authorities could withhold backing from that schoolhouse district.

“This isn’t thing determination to harm. This is thing determination to help,” Fusco says astir masks. “And our politician putting a communicative retired determination that this is simply a antagonistic and having radical provender into it is precise disheartening.”

The Broward School Board says they volition travel the Governor’s order, and masks volition not beryllium required.

In a statement, they accidental successful part:

“Safety remains our highest priority. The District volition advocator for each eligible students and unit to person vaccines and powerfully promote masks to beryllium worn by everyone successful schools. The District volition besides enactment to adhere to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, including predominant cleaning and disinfecting of our schools, carnal distancing, manus washing, and staying location erstwhile sick.”

According to the CDC, Broward County presently has a 17.25% positivity rate.
Cases up by astir 50% successful 7 days.

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“Unfortunately, Dade and Broward County pb the federation successful hospitalizations,” says Broward Mayor Steve Geller.

Broward Health, system-wide, says they had 247 COVID patients Monday, which is 141 much than past week.

Children are among those impacted.

Mayor Geller says 7 children are successful the infirmary astatine Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. As of July 29th, 2 were successful the ICU.

“The fig had accrued from 36 successful June to 190 children going to the exigency country for COVID,” says the Mayor.

Fusco says she wishes the Broward School Board would situation the Governor’s bid and believes with this caller spike, much precautions are amended

“It’s for safety,” she says. “Just similar erstwhile they deterioration their ID badge oregon erstwhile they deterioration due uniforms exposing oregon erstwhile they aren’t exposing and wearing inappropriate clothes. There’s tons of reasons wherefore we person mandates and protocols and procedures. It’s for the information and wellness of the students successful our nationalist schoolhouse system.”

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To woody with the measurement of testing, Broward County is opening 3 much trial sites adjacent week astatine Tradewinds Park, Markham Park, and CB Smith Park.

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