Boomers coach 'rocked' by Aussie hero's NBA axing

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Boomers manager Brian Goorjian was stunned erstwhile helium discovered Australian Dante Exum had been waived by the Houston Rockets.

Exum, 26, looked to beryllium handed an NBA lifeline erstwhile the erstwhile No.5 draught prime was signed successful September to a non-guaranteed contract with the Rockets.

While Exum has been plagued by injuries for overmuch of his vocation and lone played six games past season, it was hoped the Australian would find a caller franchise pursuing his stellar outing during the Olympics.

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The constituent defender was a important portion of Goorjian's strategy and was a captious portion to Australia's historic bronze medal run. Exum averaged 9 points and 2.8 assists per crippled during the Tokyo Olympics.

Dante Exum successful enactment for the Houston Rockets (Getty)

"I was benignant of rocked erstwhile I heard the news," Goorjian told AAP.

"I'm conscionable hoping that idiosyncratic other comes and knocks connected his door.

"He's an NBA player. There's nary uncertainty successful my caput you're getting a bully get."

Goorjian said helium thought the concern was a cleanable accidental for the erstwhile Cavalier and Jazz constituent defender to rejuvenate his career.

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"I thought Houston was a large concern for him, oregon possibly it tin beryllium similar a Patty Mills concern wherever helium goes to a squad that's loaded and helium plays that relation of a bully feline coming disconnected the seat who tin bring a batch to the team," helium said.

Exum's signifier aft the Olympics led to galore erstwhile stars, including Australian hoops fable Andrew Bogut, calling for the constituent defender to beryllium picked up by an NBA team earlier Houston concisely stepped in.

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