Australia has had zero measles in 2021 due to covid-19 border closure

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Many countries person seen crisp falls successful the fig of measles cases arsenic a effect of covid-19 controls, but the pandemic has besides interrupted immunisation programmes

Health 27 October 2021

By Alice Klein

Empty airport

Sydney Airport successful Australia looks deserted owed to closed borders and question restrictions

Robert Wallace/Wallace Media Network/Alamy

Not a azygous lawsuit of measles has been recorded successful Australia this year, which is simply a broadside payment of the state shutting its borders to support retired the coronavirus. Measles rates person besides plummeted successful astir different nations, but experts are disquieted that interrupted immunisation programmes during the situation could pb to a monolithic resurgence.

Before the covid-19 pandemic, measles infections successful Australia had been climbing successful enactment with planetary trends. In 2019, the state recorded …

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