Ask Us Anything: Submit Your Questions For Our Next Issue

2 months ago 25
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Each month, Game Informer prints questions that are submitted by readers via email and modular mail. We'd similar to springiness our website readers the accidental to marque the mag arsenic well.

You'll request to log successful to your GI account, and click "okay to print" for your missive oregon question to spell through. We'd besides emotion it if you included your determination (city, state, oregon state volition do). We'll look done the questions and prime a fewer to see successful our adjacent issue, which releases connected August 31.

In each issue, we inquire readers a "Question of the Month." For the Tales of Arise issue that should beryllium hitting mailboxes now, we ask...

"Is determination 1 crippled that you couldn't get capable of? If so, what was it, and however agelong person you played it?"

You tin reply this question and/or see immoderate different feedback you want. Thank you again for each of your enactment passim the years, and we anticipation galore of you get the accidental to person your missive printed successful an upcoming issue!

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