Are The Protests In Support Of Cuba Breaking Florida’s New Anti-Riot Law?

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Many are wondering if the protests successful enactment of Cuba breaking Florida’s caller anti-riot law.

CBS4’s Brooke Shafer reached retired to lawyer David Weinstein for immoderate ineligible perspective.

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“Today’s actions by protesters violated the missive of the caller laws regarding the civilian infraction & the misdemeanor unlawful assembly,” helium said. “Law enforcement has discretion to enactment oregon not enactment connected those violations. We volition person to spot if they usage that discretion evenhandedly successful the future.”

While Weinstein said what protesters are doing, specified arsenic blocking the Palmetto Expressway, is successful information “a usurpation of the caller laws passed by the Florida Legislature,” helium added that “like astir laws, instrumentality enforcement has the discretion to act.”

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“They person decided not to manus retired citations, oregon marque arrests,” helium told Shafer. “This protestation strikes a peculiar chord successful South Florida. It mightiness marque matters worse to commencement an enforcement enactment and make much protests.”

The occupation now, Weinstein said, is that the deficiency of enforcement “sets a precedent.”

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“They present person to respond the aforesaid mode to a akin protestation that mightiness not beryllium made connected behalf of a origin that is not arsenic wide supported successful South Florida,” helium explained. “That is wherefore the authorities itself was specified a atrocious idea.”

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