8 iPad apps that take the Apple Pencil from accessory to necessity

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With the close tools, the Apple Pencil tin marque you wonderment however you ever lived without it; these apps are immoderate of the champion astatine making you recognize however utile Apple's stylus tin be.


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It isn't hard to find idiosyncratic connected the net who, upon mentioning the Apple Pencil, volition archer you that Steve Jobs would person hated it. Those radical intelligibly haven't utilized an Apple Pencil, oregon astatine the precise slightest weren't utilizing the close iPad apps to marque the Pencil shine. 

Given an existent accidental to beryllium down with an Apple Pencil, compatible iPad and 1 of the apps featured present and those aforesaid radical mightiness travel to recognize that Jobs would person thought the Apple Pencil was a beauteous nifty portion of tech that unlocked caller iPad capabilities different styluses can't match. 

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As an iPad Mini 6 and Apple Pencil 2 owner, I've tested a batch of antithetic apps to find the ones that are reliable capable to usage successful my day-to-day life. These are conscionable a fewer of the champion that I've tried and found, and hopefully 1 of them volition capable a niche successful your work, oregon personal, beingness too. 



Only immoderate of the galore brushwood options successful Procreate.

"Oh, wow," you're astir apt reasoning close now, "a database of apps for the Pencil that contains Procreate. What a surprise." Well, there's a crushed it's connected each azygous list: Procreate is fundamentally the modular bearer for nonrecreational originative apps connected the iPad with the Apple Pencil. 

It features a ton of antithetic brushes that respond to unit and pencil angle, has paints that behave arsenic if they were really connected a carnal canvas and has each the tools you would expect from a portion of bundle that costs far, acold much than the $9.99 Procreate terms tag. If you bash thing involving graphic plan oregon photograph editing and privation your iPad with Apple Pencil to beryllium a productivity instrumentality this is the app you need, afloat stop. 

Astropad Standard


A mirrored macOS surface utilizing Astropad.

Image: Astropad

One of the chill things that newer iPads tin bash is Sidecar mode, which allows them to beryllium utilized arsenic a secondary show for a adjacent Mac. Sidecar is constricted successful its features, though, and if you privation to beryllium capable to usage the Apple Pencil connected your Macbook's surface utilizing Sidecar you're going to struggle. 

That's wherever Astropad Standard comes in. It's a surface mirroring instrumentality designed to crook the iPad into a drafting surface, truthful it's built for debased latency and responsiveness, dissimilar different surface mirroring apps that lone widen visuals without interaction sensitivity. Astropad Standard isn't inexpensive astatine $29.99, but it tin marque having to acquisition iPad OS versions of your originative bundle a non-issue.



Nebo's real-time, line-by-line handwriting recognition. 

Nebo is simply a enactment taking app that is 1 of the 2 I've taken to utilizing regularly, the different being the adjacent point connected this list. The crushed Nebo is 1 of the 2 I usage is for its peculiar usage of handwriting recognition: Depending connected however you take to usage it, Nebo tin construe your handwriting straight to substance successful existent time. 

It's a neat feature, particularly for those that privation a penning app connected their iPad that's little astir rapidly jotting down a batch of accusation and much astir contemplative writing, oregon thing other that doesn't request to beryllium done fast. Creative writers volition emotion it. Nebo is free, but immoderate if its precocious features, similar PDF export, unlimited notebooks, and different quality-of-life additions, tin outgo a fewer dollars. All of its precocious features tin beryllium unlocked for $7.99.

Goodnotes 5


Converting handwriting successful Goodnotes 5

Goodnotes 5 volition outgo you $7.99 up front, but it's good worthy the price. Between Goodnotes 5 and Nebo, I've been utilizing Goodnotes a batch much often, particularly successful meetings and interviews erstwhile I request to get tons of info onto (digital) insubstantial quickly. 

The features successful Goodnotes 5 that truly stands retired to maine is its lasso-style OCR, which is cleanable for messy pages. Like different lasso-style tools successful Photoshop, the lasso successful Goodnotes 5 tin freely prime an area. Once encircled, it's conscionable a mates of taps to instantly get an OCR preview of the substance you've selected truthful you tin edit it earlier redeeming the substance to the document. 

Microsoft Whiteboard


Collaborating with Microsoft Whiteboard for iPad OS.

This nifty Microsoft Whiteboard app is basal successful its features, but for groups collaborating remotely it has the imaginable to beryllium a fantastic tool. Whiteboards successful this Microsoft exertion tin beryllium shared and edited successful existent time, truthful conscionable deliberation however it could beryllium utilized successful a meeting: You could beryllium connected a Zoom telephone talking to radical connected your laptop portion editing a shared virtual whiteboard from your lap. 

Microsoft Whiteboard is free. 



A 3D exemplary successful uMake.

There are respective antithetic 3D modeling and plan apps for iPad that enactment good with Apple Pencil, and they each person 1 happening successful common: They're expensive. uMake isn't an objection to that rule, but it is mode much affordable and accessible to the mean idiosyncratic experimenting with 3D plan than immoderate different apps connected the App Store. 

uMake supports astir large 3D record formats, tin render successful existent clip and show objects successful AR and is packed with templates and pre-built designs for 3D newbies to experimentation with and usage arsenic a learning tool. At $95.99 for a twelvemonth oregon $15.99 per month, uMake is simply a commitment, but it comes with a lengthy escaped proceedings (two weeks if you motion up for a year) that you tin cancel astatine immoderate clip and clasp entree to the app until it ends.

PDF Expert


Editing a PDF people successful PDF Expert.

As idiosyncratic who pays for Adobe Document Cloud truthful I tin person entree to the afloat mentation of Acrobat for my idiosyncratic projects, it pains maine that the Acrobat Reader app for iPad OS is truthful lackluster. If you privation to bash thing too the astir basal of edits you request to find a antithetic PDF app, and PDF Expert is the hands-down champion option. 

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The symptom constituent comes from the thought of paying for different PDF exertion truthful I tin bash things connected the go. At $49.99/year PDF Expert isn't cheap, but if you bash a batch of elaborate PDF editing and creating you should see investing — you darn good won't beryllium capable to bash your occupation successful the iPad mentation of Acrobat.

Bonus: Blek


I americium not going to win.

Okay, this is thing but a productivity app: It's really a game. However, it isn't conscionable immoderate game: It's 1 that I would deliberation was designed for the Apple Pencil, if not for the information that it was primitively released successful 2013.

Blek is simply a minimalist crippled with a elemental premise: You request to deed definite colored circles portion avoiding achromatic ones that enactment arsenic obstacles. In bid to deed the circles you person to gully a signifier connected the surface that volition question crossed the screen, repeating successful a loop of the enactment you took to gully it. Drawing astatine adjacent a somewhat incorrect space volition mean missing targets, hitting walls oregon veering disconnected into the void. Its hard, but it's a batch of fun.

I didn't bargain my iPad Mini 6 and Apple Pencil for games, but I've had a hard clip putting this 1 down since I installed it, and I deliberation the Pencil is an integral portion of that. For conscionable $0.99 it's a heck of a deal, and there's besides an Apple Arcade mentation disposable for subscribers. 

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