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Wall Street Best Analysts Sing the Praises of These 2 Stocks

It was a solid day for US equity markets, with all three major indices gaining throughout US trading hours. Optimism once again seems to be the prevailing sentiment on Wall Street. Nevertheless, these have been confusing times, with the markets repeatedly pulling in different directions.

So what should investors do? One strategy is to follow the experts. The very best of Wall Street’s professional stock analysts have built their reputations on consistent records of accurate stock calls and strong returns. They are not shy about publishing their opinions, and their stock reports bring valuable insights to the table.

With this in mind, we’ve turned to the highest-ranked analysts in the TipRanks database, the Wall Street pros who stand out from their peers based on measurable success, to find out which stocks they like for the coming months. Specifically, we’re looking at calls from the top 2 analysts, whose success rates exceed 77% and whose calls have brought returns of 38% or better.

SiTime Corporation (SITM)

We’ll start with SiTime Corporation, a company that inhabits a highly specific – but utterly necessary – niche in the high tech field. SiTime develops and builds MEMS timing tech for electronic systems. The company’s products include clock generators, oscillators, and resonators, devices essential in maintaining stable signals in network systems.

SiTime’s niche – and its products – have been in higher demand in recent years due to the expansion of 5G networking technology. Finishing up 2020, SITM showed strong results. In 4Q20, revenue gained 43% year-over-year, to reach $40.3 million, while the full-year top line hit $116.2 million, a 38% yoy gain. Earnings came in at 10 cents per share, and while the figure came in below the estimates, the profit came as a welcome turnaround from the net losses of the three previous quarters.



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