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Why You Should Consider Crowdfunding for Your Startup

If traditional bank loans and venture funds are not up your alley when it comes to funding your business, look at crowdfunding. If you're seeking to raise money to start another location, expand your product line, or grow your company, you can use crowdfunding to do so. What exactly does that entail? Creating a job on a crowdfunding website like KickStarter and encouraging your system to participate.

Why It Rocks

There is no formal investment pitch with crowdfunding. No getting your hopes that an investor will fund you, Perfect Marketing Solution  only to be let down. Investors are ordinary folks who think in your business and wish to support it.

Here's a great example. Recall"Reading Rainbow," that show many people grew up ? Dynamic Website Packages The brand recently held a Kickstarter campaign to raise cash to bring it back to life and raised an incredible $5.4 million (their target was $1 million!) .

But it is not only big brands running crowdfunding campaigns. You will find startups such as Canviz and craft manufacturers such as Midwestern Knits which are getting in on the activity. So can you.

Why Crowdfund?

The benefits of crowdfunding are lots of:
It may be a lot easier to find funding than other paths.
You do not require a broker.
You don't have to pay back a loan.
You are able to create a fan base through crowdfunding websites that turn into clients.

What About Regulations?

The SEC is in a bit of a stalemate on how best to govern crowdfunded financial transactions, but we've seen some countries like  Global SEO Packages  Alabama producing their own rules and regulations to encourage entrepreneurs and small businesses to take advantage of it.

The"Equity Crowdfunding Improvement Act of 2014" legislation now being considered would increase the amount a company could increase with crowdfunding from $1 million to $5 million, and raise the amount entrepreneurs could raise without providing audited financial statements from $500,000 to $3 million. Hopefully it will be passed shortly so more entrepreneurs may benefit.

How to Resist

Raising money through crowdfunding isn't as straightforward as slapping together a campaign and getting people to give you money. You need a carefully laid out marketing plan that will expand your reach and help more people SEO Services in New York find out about your campaign. (Social's good here). You will also require a killer video that individuals will want to share, which will also help you expand your network. You'll want to offer some sweet swag for your backers so they get excited about increasing their investment. And you will want to supply backers with a steady stream of communications in order that they feel from the loop.

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