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Florida’s Coronavirus Cases Approach 2,500, as Death Toll Reaches 29

 Ron DeSantis has said he expects the number of diagnosed cases will continue to rise as testing sites open around the state for people suspected of having the disease and others who are at high risk of contracting it, such as health care workers.

The disease is also taking a tough toll on the state's Miami and Florida News economy, with 74,000 residents applying for unemployment benefits last week, a tenfold increase over the week before. Since then, the state's tourism industry has essentially shut down and restaurants have been restricted to takeout and delivery.

Officials from Miami-area hospitals said Thursday that they were treating crew members from two Costa Cruise ships, the Magica and Favolosa. Carnival Corp., which owns the cruise line, said the ships are empty except for crew members.

Both vessels were both last in port at the Caribbean island of St. Maarten: the Magica on March 17 and the Favolosa on Saturday, according to About 30 crew members had shown flu-like symptoms, Carnival said in a news release, but the hospitals said only about a dozen had been evacuated from the boats.

“While we are all committed to preserving resources Press Release Distribution Services In Miami and Florida for our own residents, an international community like Miami would never turn our backs on people aboard ships at our shores,” Jackson Health, the University of Miami and Baptist Health said in a joint statement.

The Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection and local agencies were working to get the sick crew members to shore.

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