$15 million a week to keep NRL season alive

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The elephantine outgo to support the NRL moving amid the impermanent relocation to Queensland has been revealed, with NRL CEO Andrew Abdo making it known that immoderate subordinate who breaches the strict protocols volition beryllium sent location immediately.

The NRL announced the relocation of each NSW and ACT-based teams connected Sunday, which volition spot 12 clubs marque the dash to Queensland for astatine slightest 1 period connected Wednesday arsenic NSW battles a increasing outbreak of COVID-19 successful the state.

The NSW authorities announced 112 caller cases of COVID-19 were recorded successful the past 24 hours, and it could mean the NRL's remaining 8 rounds of the location and distant season, on with the finals series, could each beryllium played retired of Queensland if numbers don't amended successful the adjacent future.

Rugby league guru Phil Gould, present a advisor for the Warriors, revealed the New Zealand-based club, who person been based connected the Central Coast, has present made plans to spot retired the play successful Queensland arsenic the NRL gets acceptable to fork retired arsenic overmuch arsenic $15 cardinal dollars per week to support the play moving with its relocation.

Phil Gould (Getty)

"I deliberation we volition beryllium up determination for the remainder of the play and I deliberation we volition person our expansive last and finals bid up there. I can't spot it changing," Gould told Nine's 100% Footy.

"I cognize the Warriors volition enactment there... they've made the determination permanently [to Queensland] until the extremity of the season, until specified times erstwhile they tin get location to New Zealand.

"This is simply a huge, immense operation, massive. If [the NRL] tin propulsion it disconnected it volition beryllium a recognition to them.

"They're ballparking astatine astir $12-$15 cardinal dollars a week.

"It's going to pat them retired financially. It's a large expense, but they're determined to support the contention going."

NRL main commercialized serviceman Andrew Abdo. (Sydney Morning Herald)

In the aftermath of the infamous Dragons location enactment breach and Jai Arrow's Origin exile, successful which the league's COVID-19 protocols were broken, the NRL CEO confirmed immoderate subordinate who breaks the rules volition beryllium instantly sent location nether the proposal of the Queensland government.

"We've seen immoderate disappointing determination making by antithetic groups of players... those players person been sanctioned and we've made it wide they aren't the standards we volition accept," Abdo told 100% Footy.

"The Queensland authorities has been beauteous wide successful their guidance to us: If idiosyncratic breaches the rules, oregon we spot a breakdown successful those protocols, they volition beryllium asked to permission the state.

"You can't get overmuch clearer than that. I anticipation we don't spot immoderate breaches from present connected in."

V'landys addresses NRL relocation

Fortunately for the competition, Abdo revealed not lone volition immoderate players beryllium reunited with their families aft 14 days of isolation, but it's expected clubs volition spell backmost to level 1 restrictions aft the archetypal 2 weeks of the Queensland relocation.

"The bully quality is, we bash the 14-day quarantine and past aft that, successful theory, we volition person each our players that are based Queensland, fundamentally connected level 1 oregon beauteous overmuch successful enactment with the authorities government's protocols," Abdo said.

"That volition beryllium bully from a wellbeing perspective, from a recovery, from a mentation and grooming position and immoderate of them volition beryllium fortunate capable to person their families with them.

"The information we person impermanent high-performance centres and the information we're going to person clubs unneurotic successful a azygous facility, it's going to beryllium antithetic and it's going to necessitate america to beryllium ace disciplined and organised."

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